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    They are trying to extend science from an explanation of the natural world to something beyond that -- by including the supernatural. If you include everything in science, you have included nothing in science.

    Evolution Sundayrepresents a new kind of grassroots effort by members of the Christian leadership in America to reclaim Christianity from those using it for their narrow sectarian advantage.

    No teacher needs legislative approval to teach what is the scientifically accepted norms of their discipline.

    It's to demonstrate, by Christian leaders and members of the clergy, that you don't have to make that choice. You can have both.

    The first part was to demonstrate to the American public that the shrill fundamentalist voices that were demanding that people had to choose between religion and science were simply wrong. The second part was to demonstrate that those fundamentalist leaders that keep standing up and shouting that you can't accept modern science were not speaking for the majority of Christian leaders in this country.

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