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    Happiness is an Association. If you want to be happy, associate with happy people

    The worst thing that could happen to any economy is the loss of confidence

    A continuous supply of high performance executive talent is probably the only sustainable competitive advantage in todays global marketplace. On Leadership as Strategic Competitive Advantage

    Happiness is not the absence of pain. There is no such thing as a pain-free life. In fact emotional pain is a useful life tool that alerts you to a mismatch between your values and your environment

    The current executive education models do not bridge the critical knowledge-implementation gap. There is a need for a more effective and efficient training model that not only develops the general managerial knowledge, but also directly works on solving company-specific business problems and delivers actionable solutions On Executive Education Best Practices

    Success is a mental program. Deprogram your negative mind scripts and re-write your own positive scripts to serve your best interest

    There is a need for an integrated system, which includes best practices, tools and processes, to ensure succession planning and performance development of the management talent pipeline at all managerial levels, not only at the CEO level. On Board Governance

    Happiness is Tolerance. If you join the perfectionists club, be ready to live most of your life disappointed, offended and lonely

    Leadership at the civic level is designed to be inclusive, but has difficulty being effective. In the private sector, leadership is based on meritocracy. Digital economy should be led by the private sector and the role of government should be to facilitat

    Happiness is Not a Pursuit. Forget about the Pursuit of Happinessand youll become happy. Happiness is a state of mind, regardless of your goals in life or where you are going, you can travel your life's journey happy or unhappy

    Knowledge networks will revolutionize the global economy. They will change the way we think, learn and work. The prosperity of a nation and its industries will be determined to a large degree by how well they can leverage the global knowledge networks to develop their resources, collaborate, innovate, and market their products and services

    Any economy that is built on uncontrolled debt will eventually crash. On US Economy Crisis

    When management tends to focus so much on one management area, e.g., sales, and has no time to manage the internal organization challenges, dysfunction creeps in and takes hold. On Dysfunctional Organization

    Since the leadership team can be the firms most valuable asset or its worst liability, leadership development should be a core business management process sponsored by the CEO, overseen by the Board of Directors, and facilitated by the HR department. On Leadership and Human Capital

    Wrong decisions are based on lack of information or misinformation. Before making a critical decision, ask yourself, do I have all the right information and did I validate my assumptions

    The best way the U. S. Government can implement a new change effectively and efficiently is to adopt the private-sector management best practices On Economic Reforms.

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