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    It felt great to be on that stage in front of so many friends and family. It was different than fighting at the amateur level. I came out to my own music and I had on my own boxing outfit. I could feel the electricity and it only drove my to push harder.

    This time I fought a very good boxer in Casson, who had several fights under her belt, and I believe having so much support from the home crowd helped my cause. By fighting close to home again, I'll have my family and friends in my corner.

    I'm not going to let my opponent take something away from me. I want it more than anyone else, and am willing to work hard to become a world champion someday.

    Depending on the weather sometimes he has a scarf. If it's been awhile, like a lot of us were gone over the summer, we feed him when we get back.

    I love having her back there between her and Stephanie and our other two outside backers, it just relaxes you. We have the talent back there to handle fewer people back, and hopefully we can the numbers forward and get some goals.

    When we began this year, no one would have guessed that the vice president would be needed to break a tie on the budget. Our advocacy made a difference.

    I'm really excited. That college is the most family-oriented place. They're just wonderful.

    I was told to see what she had, make adjustments, and be aggressive. That's my style anyway.

    I was having a real tough time in my personal life. I had been involved in an abusive relationship were I was beaten almost nearly to death. I came to a fork in the road in my life were I could go down the path of destruction or salvation. And by the grace of God boxing came into my life.

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