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    I've just found out there are pages on the internet dedicated to whether I'm gay or not.

    Vicodin, I got addicted to that little pill. The reason I don't talk about it too much in the press is because it isn't funny, and I love to be funny in interviews. If you joke about that period in your life, it doesn't seem right.

    The key to sitcom success is miserable people. If you see a happy couple, it's just gone, like when Sam and Diane got together on Cheers.

    I'm a sensitive guy. If you are a woman and you're in any kind of emotional duress and you write a song about it, I'll buy you album.

    I'm obviously comfortable with my feminine side I didn't have any reservations playing a gay guy as it was kind of a neat idea to me. I'm able to drop all the crappy male stuff of trying to impress the girl and get her into bed, because she thinks I'm gay.

    As an actor, being on autopilot is the worst thing possible.

    There are two ways to go when you hit that crossroads in your life: There is the bad way, when you sort of give up, and then there is the really hard way, when you fight back. I went the hard way and came out of it okay. Now, I'm sitting here and doing great.

    Ninety percent of video game AI really is pretty damn bad. I think that's actually why it's so much fun to shoot things. Because the AI is so bad and the characters are so annoying.

    There was steam coming out of my ears, I wanted to be famous so badly. You want the attention, you want the bucks, and you want the best seat in the restaurant. I didn't think what the repercussions would be.

    I realized by the time I turned 30, which happened this year, that I would be going out with girls and they would think I was really funny, but I would know absolutely nothing about them. I decided that's just not the way to go. I have tried to listen more and get to know the person I'm with.

    I'm glad that life isn't like a Christmas song, because if my friends and I were building a snowman and it suddenly came alive when we put a hat on it, I'd probably freak and stab it to death with an icicle.

    The goal is to have to do the shot again because the camera guy shook a little bit as he was laughing. Without that happening, I'm not happy because there's nothing better for me than a world that everybody's just trying to make each other laugh.

    When I read the script of Chandler, I thought WOW I can really shake hands with this guy. Chandlers a sarcastic guy, dry, funny - a guy who's not comfortable unless he's joking and hiding the emotional stuff that's going on with him. And Yeah, I can relate to that a bit.

    Actually, as a kid I wanted to be a tennis player, but I wasn't good enough, so I became an actor. Since then, I've just been lip-locking with gorgeous babes. So, let that be a lesson to all you little tennis players out there.

    Well, I was lucky enough to be involved in about 19 failures at an early age, so I'm realistic about the success I'm having and how quickly it can go away. What's important is to be smart about it.

    Chandler's the guy everybody thinks will do well with women, but he thinks too much and says the wrong thing.

    I can tell if someone is talking to me because I'm on "Friends" or cause they just think I'm neat. You know I don't think I've ever spent more than five or ten minutes with somebody who was ogling me because they recognized me from the show.

    I used to be a real prince charming if I went on a date with a girl. But then I'd get to where I was likely to have a stroke from the stress of keeping up my act. I've since learned the key to a good date is to pay attention on her.

    I love the idea of "the one" but I actually believe that there isn't a Miss Right. There are 12,000 Miss Rights out there and it's all timing.

    The thing is that nobody can make anybody do anything, ... And you can have talk after talk after talk, but the person who is in trouble really needs to want to not be in trouble for it to work out.

    I was about as scared as I can get without vomiting or having a heart attack or something, ... Access Hollywood.

    Everything is just falling into place for me right now. I just turned 30, which I thought I was going to be bummed about, but I'm not.

    If there's a silence in a room I'll try to fill it as soon as humanly possible.

    I guess it was around April (1997) that I realized the level, the severity of the problem that I was having, ... And I'm really proud that I kind of stepped up to the bat and took care of it. For me, it was a no-brainer. It was just -- this is obviously what I have to go do.

    That she's the worst driver in the history of drivers. If I know she's going somewhere, I stay home. When asked what time has taught him about Jennifer Aniston

    I was like I'm going to ask Julia Roberts out but I'm going to be very nervous about it. Then she said yes, I got even more nervous.

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Friends ... The Ron Clark Story.

    I would like you all to give me a round of applause as I have not crashed my car in over 15 months.

    After I got my first laugh on stage, I was hooked.

    The funniest thing is when somebody says Look I've no idea who you are but my friend said you are on a show and I just wanted to introduce myself you know that they are lying Those people can just get out of my way.

    I really lived life to its fullest and that got me in trouble from time to time.

    I got sober because I was worried I was going to die next year.

    I'm amazed at how a lot of people have come up to me and said, 'That's about time that happened,' ... And I'm trying to figure out -- because we never really set anything up. It just kind of happened.

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