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    The notion of going to where the teens are in the public schools, at the movies is a very important strategy. If we sit back and wait for them to come to the classic institutions of religion, that simply isn't working.

    Technology is the language they speak. They're just looking for new ways to connect.

    Often there is so little time in the class that we end up just talking about contraception. There is no time to talk about relationships.

    Safety is in large part an educational process. The Internet is moving really quickly in the same way that we all were taught to not talk to strangers or not get into a car . . . those same kind of rules are being taught and need to be taught to kids for the online world.

    Teens are looking for meaning. They have access to more information than ever before, and they're trying to make sense of it. That search leads to a curiosity about religion.

    Teens today, whether they're Jewish or not, they have common thoughts and perspectives. While many people think teens are turning away from religion, in fact, they're not.

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