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    We've been running a little behind schedule. But only by about 15 years or so.

    Most TV shows don't reward you for paying attention.

    The writers led by Mike Scully are fantastic. And they're creating original stories that not only don't repeat what we've already done, they also don't repeat anything I've seen on television.

    Hee hee Look at this country'You are gay' Looking at a globe being Uruguay

    It's just hard not to listen to TV: it's spent so much more time raising us than parents have.

    Because good writing in a TV cartoon is so rare, I think the animation on The Simpsons is often overlooked.

    I want it to go on, but I want us to go out on top.

    Sometimes people get mad at The Simpsons' subversive story telling, but there's another message in there, which is a celebration of making wild, funny stories.

    Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.

    Well, most grown-ups forget what it was like to be a kid. I vowed that I would never forget.

    I also found child's play - stuff that was not considered serious, but goofy - was the stuff I liked to do, so I still do it as an adult.

    We've got a bunch of new writers now who tell me they grew up watching The Simpsons. It's bizarre, and they're writing some very funny stuff.

    I draw a weekly comic strip called Life in Hell, which is syndicated in about 250 newspapers. That's what I did before The Simpsons, and what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

    A lot of people believe that if everybody just did what they were told - obeyed - everything would be fine. But that's not what life is all about. That's not real. It's never going to happen.

    The Simpsons is an especially collaborative show.

    Sales man You got time for lunchHomer Yeah..but I usually have 2 or 3.Salesman You like thaiHomer Yeah, ya like shirt

    I've loved science fiction ever since I was a little kid, mainly from looking at the covers of science-fiction magazines and books, and I've read quite extensively as an adult.

    I love the idea that we put in jokes the kids don't get. And that later, when they grow up and read a few books and go to college and watch the show again, they can get it on a completely different level.

    Families are about love overcoming emotional torture.

    Basically, everything I try to do is to present an alternative to what somebody else is doing.

    It's a funny show. The characters are surprisingly likable, given how ugly they are. We've got this huge cast of characters that we can move around. And over the last few seasons, we've explored some of the secondary characters' personal lives a bit more.

    The thing that makes me happiest about Simpsons Illustrated are all the drawings that we get from readers. I wish we could print them all. They're really imaginative. They show a lot of hard work.

    One of the things I would like to do is make up stories that I would have enjoyed when I was a kid. So, if I'm thinking about an audience, it's usually a younger version of myself.

    When The Simpsons came around, there really was nothing else like it on TV. It's hard to imagine, but when Fox first took the plunge with it, it was considered controversial to put animation on prime time.

    A lot of our writers, like Conan O'Brien, moved on to other things.

    I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I will do it again.

    Everybody doesn't have to get every joke. People really appreciate not being condescended to.

    Where do babies come from Don't bother asking adults. They lie like pigs. However, diligent independent research and hours of playground consultation have yielded fruitful, if tentative, results. There are several theories. Near as we can figure out, it has something to do with acting ridiculous in the dark. We believe it is similar to dogs when they act peculiar and ride each other. This is called making love. Careful study of popular song lyrics, advertising catch-lines, TV sitcoms, movies, and T-Shirt inscriptions offers us significant clues as to its nature. Apparently it makes grown-ups insipid and insane. Some graffiti was once observed that said sex is good. All available evidence, however, points to the contrary.

    Since I was there in the very beginning, I know the history of the characters. So, I make comments about the tone and sometimes remind the writers that we've done that before.

    I'm presently incarcerated. Convicted of a crime I didn't even commit. Hah Attempted murder Now honestly, what is that Do they give a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry Do they

    When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.

    Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.

    Living creatively is really important to maintain throughout your life. And living creatively doesn't mean only artistic creativity, although that's part of it. It means being yourself, not just complying with the wishes of other people.

    Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems.

    Ha ha Look at this country U R Gay Ha ha (looking at Uruguay on the globe).

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