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    I was never happy my injuries cut my career short and ultimately forced my decision to step away from tennis,

    I don't think I played my best tennis today. But as long as you win, it's always good. Always room to improve for the next match.

    I felt I had the game under control and whenever I needed it I was able to step it up. I wasn't thinking that I was going to lose the set because I felt she always had ups and downs. So did I, but every time I needed it I knew I could pressure her.

    She didn't really give me many chances. I just didn't get many opportunities to really do too much with balls. She doesn't make many errors, which she probably still did in Tokyo. Against her, you don't get away with much.

    I think it was like sometimes in life things happen and you try to change them and if you learn from mistakes, it's always a good thing.

    I'm just waiting for a wild card to play in the Australian Open . To face Anna will be a good test for me.

    I went through very emotional things this year, like being in the French Open finals already feeling like you got it and kind of losing it.

    I still need to do this and that but I've played a couple of tournaments now and I feel I can get better ... I love coming back here, this stadium has been so good to me.

    I knew that I had to be right there from the start. I knew I couldn't give her any momentum.

    I served very well in the first set, I held my serve and that was key just like yesterday. I won with my heart today. Winning the tiebreak gave me confidence.

    You can always have hopes, right I thought it might be out. It was a very close call.

    I really enjoy it with a passion, it's not only a job, it's the thing you want to do, you want to be successful and you want to do well.

    She is the player to beat. We are two completely different players now. I am really looking forward to facing the best. I will just go out there and play. I need to bring out my best as I will be facing a very confident player.

    I played some good tennis in Australia and it's good to be back in Tokyo. It's a new week against new opponents and we're all aiming to be the best.

    Today probably wasn't the prettiest game, but it was effective.

    Beating Lindsay today here under these circumstances on this occasion, it's definitely not easy mentally for me to play her. Now I know that I have the potential to meld with the best.

    For sure since 4-1 I started to play better. All these chances I had and games I could have won, she won anyway. You've got to have the stamina.

    The first point is always to believe in it when you go on court and then you have the chances to win.

    Everybody wants to grow up sometime. And you have to experience that maybe it's not going to work out the way you expected it to.

    I think it's just everything turned out well if you have the right people around you, you realize the support they give you and the trust too.

    If I play the tennis I played three years ago I would not survive. I know that.

    I know she's a little girl so she's not going to overpower me. I don't think she really has a big weapon but neither does she have a weakness.

    No, because I think I have a reason to believe in myself and I think I'm also pretty confident about who I am and what I'm doing and it might be because I'm still at the top too.

    She is a powerful girl. She is deeper in the forehand. I tried not to give her too many opportunities and gave balls on her backhand. I was successful with my strategy.

    I was always at peace because of the way my mom treated me.

    I've got a couple of days' rest now, so I'll just try to flush it out before next week. I've got some time.

    Playing the top players you have to play them over and over. You have to start believing and step by step I'm getting my confidence back.

    Just wait until the next matches, I'll be even better. You have to have a high percentage of first serves otherwise these girls today are going to kill you. They're very aggressive and they attack right away.

    You still hope, you know I mean, I thought it might be out, but it was a very close call, so you can. Maybe something happens.

    In general, when you look at girls in the academies, they are just not taught that way. I think it's just because they're always so one-sided, playing with their coach or playing with their hitting partner. And you know, just boom, boom, boom all the time

    The top players talk more now, and we have more meetings. We're just trying to get things better. But we still need somebody who could make a difference.

    He is still my father. He is still a person I know I could trust and he would never do anything against me. Once you're at the top, there are not many people like that. People always want something from you.

    If I want to play the tennis I played three years ago, I would not survive. I know that. You have to grow with the game and you have to get better physically and with your tennis. I've been trying to work on my whole game, baseline and serve. You have to have a serve to be able to survive today.

    You have to believe that down deep otherwise I wouldn't come back.

    She's a great fighter. She started attacking more and also partly I was getting tired or just loosened up a little. But I think towards the end, it was all nerves.

    We were just breaking each other, and most times pretty easily. It was very difficult conditions. I think that today whoever had the stronger head, and stayed in the match, won.

    I'm not looking for any excuses. She was just too good today. I've had a very good start to my comeback and I will go home with my head up.

    I just came out here the other day. I could already feel the atmosphere coming from the previous years. You don't know how good it feels. This surface, this stadium has been so good for me.

    It was probably one Russian too many. It used to be I had to play both Williams sisters and Lindsay Davenport, now it's the Russians. (But) I have surpassed all my expectations of my comeback and feel very good knowing I can go out there and play with the best players in the world.

    Of course, I would think the same thing if Lindsay was coming back after a three-year break. You just don't know until you have the matches under your belt, and at the moment I have only had two matches so far, so I'm interested to see, too, how I go. We'll wait and see what happens in Sydney Sydney International and Melbourne Australian Open.

    I was never happy that my injuries cut my career short and ultimately forced my decision to step away from tennis. I have enjoyed my time away from the court, a period that has allowed me to experience a different side of life. However, I miss the game and the challenge of competing at the highest level of tennis, and I want to gauge whether I can stay healthy and compete against today's top players.

    Honestly, I'm more into the computer, the Internet, and checking out scores or the news.

    Both of us had our ups and downs, but there's so much she can still learn.

    I have fond memories of Doha and I hope the public here will support me like they did in 2001.

    I played well. I didn't miss much on key points and I put a lot of pressure on her. I couldn't ask for much more, she's the No. 4 player in the world.

    There is no doubt Amelie is the best player in the tournament. I am playing well and I am not too disappointed with my loss.

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