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    It has been a great year for job creation. The gears are in drive and we are going places. We're not going to recover from the loss of textiles and tobacco overnight, but we are getting there.

    All of this has occurred with an investment of approximately 1 percent in university resources an investment that is far less than our peers. I look forward to this opportunity to discuss the value which our department has added to our growing and vibrant university.

    Once the ticket is mailed on the first offense the driver has the option of paying the fine or going to a court date.

    Their contract requires them to maintain an orderly facility. Things do happen. We understand that.

    I don't think anyone who was living here at that time would forget that day.

    You can get a new Mercedes, but you can't find an '82 Cheval Blanc or a '95 Screaming Eagle, ... Everybody thinks (wines) are like their own children. They represent important events for people, like the birth wines for your son or daughter that you planned to drink on their 21st birthday. Collecting wine is more about the future than the present.

    His first day of work was supposed to be April 1, but he showed up about 10 days early. He told his staff he wanted them to leave their families at home for 60 days because he wanted them to live together, eat together, work together and get it turned aro

    I call it the 'power to the people' ordinance.

    The women's basketball team needs a change. Chris convinced our committee that positive change can come from within. I saw real progress under Chris' leadership. There was a renewed enthusiasm and intensity, including victories in five of the last six games.

    It gives people the power to say 'I just witnessed littering and I don't like littering in my community. I'm going to turn this over and see if I can get this stopped.

    Dane convinced me that he was up to becoming our head coach by his rsum, which was amazing, and meeting him. In his rsum, he detailed his accomplishments, and how they might benefit our program, and then he outlined his strategies to get to the next level of competition, what kind of offensive and defensive plans he had, who would be his assistant coaches, how he would boost fund-raising for this institution, how he would recruit. And then you meet Dane, and you felt he could do all of this.

    In cooperation with God, we've decided to adjust our plans accordingly.

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