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    We hope people can go to our website and see just around their neighborhood where is the best place to get gas.

    People will see the same issues that people in monogamous marriages face. You see jealousies, struggles for power, families keeping a secret.

    Ashley is a big loss, but we might be a little better. I think our fifth runner could be a little better than last year. We will need our fifth runner to step up and do well.

    Steve, Rick and Josh are all favorites. Steve might be a little bit ahead. What hurt Steve last year is that nobody was willing to make him run hard.

    How safe is your family If people are aware of potential predators living near them, they'll take steps to make sure their kids are protected.

    Stick with us through the year. We do feel very much a responsibility not to give short shrift to the abuses of polygamy.

    The current high cost of gasoline is hitting the American people where it hurts and they need some way to fight back,

    The important thing is to get information about the neighborhood. If you are walking your kid to the front door of a sex offender it's like an advertisement - here's my kid.

    He just plays the relationships - he's a small-business owner and a married man times three and he just plays the life experience and not the controversy.

    This keeps station operators honest because they know customers can now compare prices around town and around the state.

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