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    I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph.

    Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and importance, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.

    Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.

    A well ordered society would be one where the State only had a negative action, comparable to that of a rudder a light pressure at the right moment to counteract the first suggestion of any loss of equilibrium.

    I have made it quite clear that a unified Ireland was one solution that is out. A second solution was a confederation of two states. That is out. A third solution was joint authority. That is out-that is a derogation of sovereignty.

    If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.

    You don't tell deliberate lies, but sometimes you have to be evasive.

    If my critics saw me walking over the Thames they would say it was because I couldn't swim.

    What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.

    Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher praised the pontiff's role in toppling communism. Millions owe him their freedom and self-respect. The whole world is inspired by his example, ... His life was a long struggle against the lies employed to excuse evil. By combating the falsehoods of communism and proclaiming the true dignity of the individual, his was the moral force behind victory in the Cold War.

    His politics had a freshness and optimism that won converts from every class and every nation, and ultimately from the very heart of the evil empire,

    I don't mind how much my Ministers talk, so long as they do what I say.

    Being prime minister is a lonely job... you cannot lead from the crowd.

    The desire to win is born in most of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour.

    It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.

    I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job.

    I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but should get you pretty near.

    In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man if you want anything done, ask a woman.

    I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.

    There is no such thing as society: there are individual men and women, and there are families.

    We were told our campaign wasn't sufficiently slick. We regard that as a compliment.

    a great loss not only to Jordan, not only to the Middle East, but I think to the world as a whole.

    I'm not a good butcher but I've had to learn to carve the joint. People expect a new look.

    He will be missed not only by those who knew him and not only by the nation that he served so proudly and loved so deeply, but also by millions of men and women who live in freedom today because of the policies he pursued,

    You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure.

    People think that at the top there isn't much room. They tend to think of it as an Everest. My message is that there is tons of room at the top.

    I just owe almost everything to my father and it's passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election.

    The wisdom of hindsight, so useful to historians and indeed to authors of memoirs, is sadly denied to practicing politicians

    Platitudes? Yes, there are platitudes. Platitudes are there because they are true.

    There are still people in my party who believe in consensus politics. I regard them as Quislings, as traitors... I mean it.

    Her supporters call her The Iron Lady, ... have brought equal competence, strength and courage to everything that they do.

    One of the things being in politics has taught me is that men are not a reasoned or reasonable sex.

    If you lead a country like Britain, a strong country, a country which has taken a lead in world affairs in good times and in bad, a country that is always reliable, then you have to have a touch of iron about you.

    If you want to cut your own throat, don't come to me for a bandage.

    I shan't be pulling the levers there but I shall be a very good back-seat driver.

    To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects.

    Democratic nations must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend.

    I had the patriotic conviction that, given great leadership of the sort I heard from Winston Churchill in the radio broadcasts to which we listened, there was almost nothing that the British people could not do

    Unless we change our ways and our direction, our greatness as a nation will soon be a footnote in the history books, a distant memory of an offshore island, lost in the mists of time like Camelot, remembered kindly for its noble past.

    I've got a woman's ability to stick to a job and get on with it when everyone else walks off and leaves it.

    It pays to know the enemy - not least because at some time you may have the opportunity to turn him into a friend.

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