Marcus Aurelius Quotes (150 Quotes)

    He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

    To read my book, the virgin shy - May blush, while Brutus standeth by But when he's gone, read through what's writ, And never stain a cheek for it

    And thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last.

    Good men make life a twofold span to last Twice does he live who can enjoy his past

    Who persuaded you to cut off the nose of your wife's lover Wretched husband, that was not the part which outraged you Fool, what have you done Your wife has lost nothing by the operation

    Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

    There comes a time when you may have to call for help. Do we have a plan of substance in place Yes. Are there things we need to explore further Probably. Will we do so Yes.

    To the wise, life is a problem; to the fool, a solution.

    You ask me, Linus what my field out at Nomentum is to yield Well this it yields to me the view, my Linus, has no sign of you

    All of us are creatures of a day the rememberer and the remembered alike.

    Death is a stopping of impressions through the senses, and of the pulling of the cords of motion, and of the ways of thought, and of service to the flesh.

    Be content with what you are, and wish not change; nor dread your last day, nor long for it.

    Light may earth's crumbling sand be laid on thee, that dogs may dig thy bones up easily

    You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

    The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.

    A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires.

    One universe made up all that is and one God in it all, and one principle of being, and one law, the reason shared by all thinking creatures, and one truth.

    With red hair, a black face, a cloven foot, and blear eyes, you show the world a prodigy, Zoilus, if you are an honest man

    You must become an old man in good time if you wish to be an old man long.

    This event is frankly too big to have opinions about. All I can think to do is point to one of my all-time favorite college quotes Think of destiny, ... and how puny a part of it you are.

    Forward, as occasion offers. Never look round to see whether any shall note it... Be satisfied with success in even the smallest matter, and think that even such a result is no trifle.

    How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.

    To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions.

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