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    I really struggled with my serve yesterday against Rusedski. But I served much better today.

    I just tried hanging in there and waited for my opportunities. It was awfully close.

    I was just trying to clean up my service games and wait for an opportunity -- and I got it,

    His game picked up, his serve picked up. I had to dig deep to find a way out of it.

    I knew I was in for a tough match even though grass isn't his surface and I am just delighted to win,

    Obviously, all us young guys have been playing since we were six or seven years old.

    Maybe I should have used them a bit earlier, ... It was nice just to get through the fifth set. A lot of the games were tight ... and a few just went my way.

    I always feel pretty comfortable when I get to Flushing Meadows. I really like the atmosphere and the court surface there. I think the whole tournament really suits my game and my attitude as well.

    I just tried to make him play more as the match went on. I'm feeling better and better with every match.

    I just wasn't getting any cheap points out there, but to his credit he was hardly missing too many returns.

    In some ways, it feels like every time I come into the Australian Open, there's always that added expectation. Until we have more Australians probably in the top 10, top 20 in the world, it's going to continue year after year. I've got to be prepared for that, I think, until my career is over.

    There were tough conditions but it was the same for both players, so there's no point in getting negative over it. We know it's not enjoyable for the crowd but the show must go on.

    I'm hanging in all right. I'm still in the tournament,

    Hopefully if he can work and put his head down, if he can sort of bounce back and get the crowd behind him and play some good tennis at the Aussie Open, that could set up a bit of a change in the rankings next year,

    Today was great conditions to play tennis. Not a lot of wind.

    It was extremely tough conditions. It's swirling out there today, ... Taylor's never going to give you the match. He's a tough competitor. I had to earn it.

    I think I just handled the conditions so much better than he did today. I don't think those kind of conditions suit has game at all.

    It was tough conditions out there today, ... The wind was swirling and Taylor's never going to give you the match. He's a tough competitor and I really had to earn it. We played some tough tennis and I'm just happy to get through.

    In the second set I couldn't put a foot wrong and started to get on top of him, but I just played a slack first game of the third set. I had the momentum big time at that stage, all I had to do was put some pressure on his service game, but some bad double faults and errors meant I was playing catch-up in the third set.

    There's no doubt I played my best tennis in the fifth set,

    That says a lot about where their passion lies and it's not going to be an easy tie at all. I know Max, he loves this kind of competition. I lost to him in the Sydney Olympics when (he was) playing for Belarus. He played extremely strong that day and he's a great doubles player, so I don't think any of the live rubbers are going to be that easy.

    I still feel like there's areas of my game that I can work on if I want to make any real inroads into this tournament and be a serious contender,

    I think she's pretty calm. She's sort of learning the ropes a little bit. She's probably a little bit nervous out there for me.

    Back when I first started, it seemed that I kept bumping into a lot of other Australians. It's something that I haven't done in the last couple of years.

    I got through today's match, but it wasn't the prettiest tennis. I get through to have another crack and try to improve tomorrow. Hopefully, I can pick it up. I'll need to.

    It's still business as usual. I'm still focussed on what I've got to do out there.

    That's all my focus is on, on Ferrero on Friday, and I've probably been given the opportunity in this tie to crack the whole Davis Cup final wide open on day one.

    I had a tough match in the first round and sometimes that puts you in good stead for the tournament.

    It took me time to get into the match. He was unstoppable in the first set and I just had to hang in there,

    It's been fantastic winning four titles here, but it's not something I thought about a lot.

    It's a matter of putting as much pressure on Roger as possible, ... No one has been able to find the exact formula to topple him.

    In practice he's always been a great player, where he's very flashy and, you know, doesn't take it all seriously the whole time. Whereas I think he's adopted that a little more in his matches. It may pay off for him.

    There was a lot of wasted time out there, ... At least I didn't complain as much as they did.

    That is not the right thing to do in the middle of the game,

    It was an awkward match to go out there and play. I knew I was heavily favored to go out there and win, but with Davis Cup, I've been in enough big ties and been the underdog in that many big matches that it's a different kind of pressure and it sort of levels itself out ... the competition out there.

    Every time I go out wide to plant my foot and go to throw the lob up, I can't.

    I'm very happy to get away with the win that I got and be in the locker room after a comfortable win and not waste a lot of energy, ... Physically, I felt great out there.

    It's a great record to have here, ... It's not an easy Grand Slam, not an easy tournament to do well at. To go out successfully every year, it's a huge positive I think. I love playing in New York. I love the conditions, the court surface, the balls, everything about it.

    I'm not quite 100 percent, so it's nice to get through. I felt like I moved a lot better in the past. It's a little bit of confidence with pushing off the ankle. Tonight's match was a tough because Paul competes his heart out, especially on a hard court.

    Mark's always going to be dangerous in any tournament - especially on hard courts or grass, in the Aussie Open, the US Open, or Wimbledon more so,

    Even at 5-3 on his serve, I still had a break point. I couldn't convert that, but the whole third set I felt like I was pretty much in command,

    I am not 100 percent, but I felt much better than Monday (when he received treatment during an injury timeout for the illness).

    I get along well with Mark and I think it's great he won today. It's great for him and it's great for Australian tennis as well.

    I've never played with balls that are getting that big. It's as simple as that. I thought the balls in Rotterdam were quite heavy till I came here. You know, the court's definitely, you know, it's a little bit rough out there. That's always going to chop the balls up a little bit more than a smoother court, such as a US Open hard court. But, you know, there's no reason why the ball should get, you know, that heavy.

    I think Roger's got to go down as one of the biggest favorites of all time this year. I think Roger is probably cruising through right at the moment.

    The boys did extremely well over there, they've given us a good opportunity to get through to a semi again.

    I feel good and hopefully can raise my game for the French Open next week.

    I got out of the blocks well today, ... I went out there with a game plan and just executed it. I did what I needed to do and didn't feel that under pressure.

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