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    I don't even like chocolate, but my eye was casting over the possibilities. I am always interested in things that have a bigger social purpose than just being commercial. If I had my way, everything we sold would have a social mission. As a nonprofit, we're not in the business of creating individual personal wealth but of building social capital. That's part of our mission. I've watched funding for arts education go down in the last 20 years. Anything we can do for integrated arts education is great - for all ages, not just kids.

    Morale is at an all-time low. Fewer young people are going into teaching.

    Just as teachers put together report cards for their students at the end of the term, so do we at the end of the legislative session. We're willing to support any candidate who will stand up for kids and education.

    It's been a big change. We're trying to continue all the wonderful programs in the past and improve instruction with new programs. I'm so happy every day to come to work and be part of the great facility and interact with the kids and staff.

    We're having a hard time. We are getting down to bare walls.

    She has demonstrated the ability to work with a number of national, state and local agencies to expand the services of CAP to six different sites, serving nearly 400 children this last year.

    We keep saying the sky is falling -- all the policymakers have ignored us. If we don't put a large infusion of money to raise that average salary to closer to 25th in the nation, then this is just going to get more gloom and doom.

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