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    He's tough. He's a very tough inspector, meaning he is to the book.

    If you see a systemic problem and you see lack of change, then you are left with no other choice but to start filing a letter of investigation, notifying the facility that you're investigating a particular problem. And that leads to a potential enforcement action and I know that that's where they're at now. They're starting to fill out the paperwork getting into the next phase, because the carrier's not changing the way they're doing their business.

    If we're there, people will act differently it's human nature.

    Several people have come forward stating that they are concurring with what Mark is saying. And they, too, want attention to safety, and they're raising the concerns through the proper channels.

    Local management as well as regional and national management at FAA are well aware of the concerns that have been raised by the employees assigned to oversee NWA.

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