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    I love being blown away by something bigger than myself, like a ship on a stormy sea, and Peter Grimes does that.

    I'm very pro presenting the best music I can to the widest audience possible.

    There are a lot of unseen elements to having a successful singing career.

    Nobody inspired me more than Julie Andrews, who is a classically trained soprano herself.

    And woven into the fabric of this harsh existence was music.

    I still have singing lessons every week twice weekly with the same singing teacher I had at the Royal Academy of Music.

    What people really should be able to be confident in is that the standards of music- making that classically trained musicians present is elite, it is the best and all of us as artists should be committed to that.

    As far as I was concerned the important thing was that the music was getting the attention as well as me so it was always a great way to get more of the public to connect with classical music, and opera particularly.

    I credit him with getting me started in television,

    I saw The Sound of Music when I was 10 and thought that it was the most beautiful singing I had ever heard.

    I also have to support my speaking voice by sitting in a way that engages the diaphragm in the way I would for singing.

    Singing is an arduous business and it needs sacrifices.

    I would just like to say that opera is no longer about fat people in breastplates shattering wine glasses.

    You've got to very much be part of today's society and you've got to use 21st Century techniques to draw attention to what you believe in.

    That was when I realised that music is the most profound, magical form of communication there is.

    To tell you the truth, I never listen to opera at home.

    It worries me that young singers think you can shortcut the training and go straight to fame and fortune, and programmes like Pop Idol have encouraged that.

    I wouldn't want to criticise someone like Charlotte Church because she has done fantastically well, but personally I've always cared about the long term.

    What's real is your ability to sing, your ability to entertain the public, your goals to be the best artist you can.

    Just walking along Shaftesbury Avenue gave me such a buzz - it still does - and communicating with an audience through music is still the biggest thrill in the world.

    Seeing that made me understand how profound the drama of opera was and how music theatre is the most powerful audiovisual form there is.

    Whichever route they choose as long as they're doing it seriously and looking after their voices and training then they'll be fine.

    So between my mother playing two-part inventions by Bach on the piano and my dad singing Ivor Novello, I became what I am today.

    The community that underpinned my upbringing was born from the pits and the steelworks and the railways.

    I don't just come from a musical family, but from a musical community.

    Last autumn I made a programme about the history of the Strauss family and of the waltz, which involved a trip to the beautiful city of Vienna.

    The musical heritage of Yorkshire is deep and wide.

    One of the problems that we face through the media attention that these artists receive is that there has been an awful lot of talk about opera and classical music being elite and being for an elitist group.

    I don't think I have ever met a single person who isn't moved by music of some kind.

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