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    We just didn't take care of the ball. They played very hard to get back into this game.

    We know who their best player was, frustrated him, and played good overall defense. As you can see, we're not the biggest team in the world, so we have to rely on our quickness and defense.

    I think at each gym, you'll see a nice-sized crowd. All four Torrance schools are in Division II-A and it's big for all of us.

    We don't have a Russell Westbrook or a Jon Reed (of Peninsula) or an Alex Tucker (of Redondo) -- we have a bunch of young men playing their hearts out but who are without a lot of size. Our biggest guy is 6-foot-3, and that makes it tough. Everyone's bigger. We just have to play hard and give them a game.

    I used to officiate for 15 years. I never ever stepped on the court. Oh, well. I guess they don't want to hear me.

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