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    When he nodded, the physician disappeared into thin air, and then a moment later, Payne felt a warm palm encompass hers. It was Vishous's un-gloved hand against her own and the connection between them eased her in ways she couldn't name. Verily, she had lost her mother . . . but if she lived through this, she still had family. On this side.

    After all, tragedy didn't discriminate, so everyone was subject to the same whims of fate.

    Did television execs have souls? Now, that was an existential question and a half.

    See, this was his kind of decorating. An active mind don't need distractions in its physical environment. It needed a collection of outstanding books and a good lamp. Maybe some cheese and crackers

    Tell me something,boys. Do you wear that leather to turn each other on? I mean, is it a dick thing with you all?

    Among the problems with shame was that it in fact did not make you shorter or quieter or less visible. You just felt like you were.

    When she orgasmed, she said his name. Twice. And didn't it make him glad that even though he had no voice, his ears worked just fine. -JM

    You've got nothing to worry about. The righteous do not always right, but their souls remain pure. -Lassiter the Angel

    How sweetly he came to her, she thought. Even with his bulk and power, he came to her...sweetly.

    He nodded and curled over his paper, writing quickly. As his words took form on the white page, she got to watch him...and realized she never wanted him to go. She wanted him here beside her forever.

    The half-human was the hottest thing he'd ever gotten anywhere near. And he'd cozied up to a lightning strike once or twice before.

    As much as we have free choice, absolute destiny is immutable. What is meant to happen does, through one measure or another.

    You are so beautiful, he mouthed. But of course she couldn't see his lips. Guess he was going to have to show her.

    Even when there were no more options for the body, the heart's wishes find a way out, and as with all warmth, love rises. Besides, the will to fly was in the nature of the soul, so its home had to be up above

    Falling into ruin was a bit like falling in love: Both descents stripped you bare and left you as you were at your core. And both endings are equally painful.

    I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came...and I was awakened.

    Indeed, the human mind appeared to suffer from a crippling need to fabricate in the absence of concrete proof.

    All right, then, her first rule for the rest of her days: no more looking outside for definitions. She might not have any clue who she was, but better to be lost and searching than shoved into a social box by someone else.

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