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    Defeated and retiring members will win financially thanks to a gold-plated pension plan and rich severance payments for parliamentarians. Shed no tears for retiring or defeated MPs. They are being well looked after by Canadian taxpayers.

    We've tried to do everything we could to make it as upscale as possible, ... Our goal is to have a place where women can come and know that there's nothing better in Knoxville, Corbin or wherever.

    This is an exciting project that trains pre-doctoral students for America's long-term need for top-notch scientists capable of translating research results into new technologies and new businesses.

    We see more and more every day the importance of education, creative education beyond the routine,

    It was designed with the thought of making everything pleasant for the patient, ... We want all of them to be as comfortable as possible.

    He's been invisible when important policy issues have sprung up. They just seem to have missed opportunity after opportunity.

    I'm very excited. When I first committed to everything and verbal, and I had a smile, I'm just glad it. I'm going to be happy to make it official today.

    This allows me to have access to my patients' records from any computer no matter where I may be,

    Stephen Harper cannot hike income taxes. The new Conservative government is swimming in surplus tax revenues, and that money should be returned to Canadians in the form of broadly based tax relief.

    This only reinforces the perception that, when it comes to spending, there is not a lot of consideration given to taxpayers,

    When you stack up what he's spending next to his cabinet colleagues, Mr. Volpe's spending is out of line and he should be reined in,

    In contrast, India's growth has been much more heavily biased toward the service industry. India has never set itself as an export platform of manufacturing goods.

    I find it maddening that after making such great political hay out of high gas taxes in opposition, he's now just ready to shrug and do nothing about it.

    If those cuts are repealed in the upcoming budget, Canadians will end up paying higher income taxes this year and in future years. The only person talking about hindering tax-relief measures is the prime minister.

    This is the end of Medicare as we know it. It's going to open up litigation across the country in the other nine provinces as taxpayers there press for the same right, which is the right to seek and buy insurance to cover private health care.

    We want to force the creation and let it grow as part of a large network, empowering people to be their own celebrity.

    Today we are reading virtually every meter. I expect in about 2006 or 2007 we'll do another evaluation to see if it's cost-effective to change.

    I think he would be a good choice. He's already ran the second-largest finance department in Canada.

    The point, simply, is that we are doing more rediscovering these days than discovering coming anew upon truths that ignorant people refused to examine, over the centuries, because the wise people who held custody of the fundamental truths of nature were unpopular.

    There's no doubt he was very supportive of that agenda.

    He gets a lot of the issues in terms of a taxpayer's point of view. He's in tune with the values of what I call Middle Canada, which tend to focus on family budgets and some of the struggles of people across this country face when it comes to paying their bills, putting a roof over their head, getting their kids to school, et cetera, et cetera.

    As people become richer, they also start wanting things like democracy. The fact that India already is a democracy is a huge advantage on China, which could be strongly disrupted down the line.

    John Williamson, a laid-off IT worker, said he tried unsuccessfully to volunteer. We should have had some direction, some leadership, ... But when you tried to step up to the plate, you got pushed aside. It seemed politics stepped into it pretty quickly.

    He's got the whole world at his feet and he can't find his shoes.

    The average taxpayer is no worse off under this budget and many will net out ahead. Families with young children, in particular will rocket ahead.

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