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    This state has been an example not only for other surrounding states but also for the nation and for the world.

    We know that if we can prevent kids from trying drugs in their teenage years, we dramatically reduce the likelihood that they will go on to have problems later in life.

    Marijuana is a much bigger part of the American addiction problem than most people - teens or adults - realize.

    The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating.

    Parents should monitor their behavior, know who their friends are, and keep track of what they do.

    This is the first time that we've recorded this kind of relationship between boys' and girls' drug use. In the past, boys have had higher rates of use - and significantly higher rates of use at certain times in the past.

    Today's marijuana is also twice as strong as it was in the mid 80's.

    Substance use among our adolescent girls is alarming. Girls understand the risks associated with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. But that doesn't appear to be stopping them from using.

    We need to educate Americans about the real harms of marijuana if we want to sustain the gains we've made over the past three years.

    I urge young people to consider public service, whether they do it now by volunteering in their community or prepare for public service as an adult.

    You don't want to give kids an idea that they might not have thought of.

    Research shows that parents are the single biggest influence on children - if you are worried about your teen and drugs, talk to them.

    In recent years, we have been sending a clear, consistent signal about the harms of drugs, particularly marijuana, which for most young people is the first illegal drug that they are exposed to.

    twice as many eighth-graders have tried marijuana today than a decade ago.

    We're going to have to focus on the particular, unique circumstances we're faced with girls, which is different today than it's ever been before, which has obstacles we've not faced before, but obstacles we can overcome if we do the right thing.

    All the research and experience tells us that education begins in our families of matters of right and wrong, health and safety, and responsibility.

    It has become much more difficult to smuggle dangerous substances across our borders over the past three years, and this is creating real problems for drug traffickers.

    Girls are telling us that they understand the risks associated with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

    In order to drive it down further, we have to deal with today's substance abuse reality, and today's reality is, girls have been using at higher rates than boys in critical areas.

    The great lie about Ecstasy is that it is safe, it's fun, it's harmless and it's fashionable. It is a danger because of both supply and attitudes are going in the wrong direction.

    Research tells us there are some straightforward steps parents can take not only to help prevent drug use, but to reduce risk-taking across the board.

    Make your having dinner out become The Event of the Night, instead of just the beginning.

    This was a result of a number of factors, but we do know that the messages kids get about the harms of drugs has a significant impact on their decision on whether or not to use.

    The risks associated with marijuana have been trivialized and our kids are getting the wrong message, ... We must arm parents, teachers, community leaders and our children with the truth.

    You cannot do my job and visit people in the field and not see that faith is at the heart of what many find an important support in their recovery, ... No one is trying to use government funds to fund religion inappropriately, but we are not going to turn our back on programs and dimensions of programs that are obviously saving lives.

    We want to make sure we continue the decline and deal effectively with the current circumstance.

    While it is important that parents send their children the right messages about drugs, it's also important that these messages be age-appropriate.

    Educating young people about the harms of drugs is essential.

    Teen drug use went up dramatically in the 1990s.

    As parents, we need to talk to young people about drugs and make sure they understand that drugs are dangerous, addictive substances that can ruin their lives and harm their communities.

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