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    Up until now, the primary users of PlayStation 2 and the Xbox were guys over 20 years old,

    Few Americans are clamoring for legislation that would allow mega-mergers among the nation's largest financial institutions.

    In some cases we were text-mailing because that was the only service available. In other cases we were hearing from them via relatives.

    She was all over the place and swinging wildly. Mary has to be more patient when she's got someone in trouble and not get caught up in styles. We'll work on it and she'll be OK.

    Music City is Music City wherever you are in the city. The Nashville Palace gives us a place to take the young acts we develop downtown and take them to a bigger stage.

    In every principle presented to us, our first inquiry should be, 'Is it true' 'Does it emanate from God' If he is its Author it can be sustained just as much as any other truth in natural philosophy if false it should be opposed and exposed just as much as any other error.

    In our research we found that over 100 families per week, as well as hundreds of individuals including disabled persons, and those with substance abuse problems seek the help of the local food banks.

    We certainly would not work with Sinn Fein whilst they retain a fully armed army,

    We are under the United States. But the United States is not the kingdom of God. It does not profess to be under his rule, nor his government, nor his authority.... Very well, what is expected of us That we observe its laws, that we conform to its usages, that we are governed by good and wholesome principles, that we maintain the laws in their integrity and that we sustain the government. And we ought to do it.... We ought to pray ... for those that are in authority, that they may be led in the right way, that they may be preserved from evil, that they may administer the government in righteousness, and that they may pursue a course that will receive the approbation of heaven.

    I majored in physics at IU. But I took a whole lot of astronomy classes. I thought it would be great to have a solar telescope ... be able to see things during the day with the students.

    The difference in taste has become more pronounced during the last generation, as top Japanese games no longer cross the ocean with a high degree of surety, and very few Western games become top sellers in Japan .

    There's no wound deeper than a pen can give, It makes men living dead, and dead men live

    No one wants something like this to happen. The fact is we are absolutely focused on restoring service to our customers ... and in this case we did so in record time.

    Arakawa and Main clearly had a co-equal role in getting Nintendo to the place where it is, ... It was a combination of vision and execution. The two made an excellent team.

    Peace is the gift of God. Do you want peace Go to God. Do you want peace in four families Go to God. Do you want peace to brood over your families If you do, live your religion, and the very peace of God will dwell and abide with you, for that is where peace comes from, and it doesn't dwell anywhere else.

    Certainly we are well on our way towards an agreement.

    I'm proud of what the team has been able to accomplish this year and I was thrilled to see that work recognized at the regional competition. We are, of course, preparing for the national competition in May, and we hope to represent Drury well at that time, too.

    I gave the idea to Josh and he just went with it. In 2001, he had most of the parts made. It's made with a lot of old computer parts.

    We're coming off several quarters in a row where commercial IT buyers were not buying much of anything. That's the limitation. It's going to take several quarters for demand to rebuild so the IPO market will be coming back in baby steps.

    Our feelings towards the world of mankind, generally, ought to be the same as Jesus manifested to them. He sought to promote their welfare, and our motto ought ever to be the same as his was'Peace on earth and good will to men' no matter who they are or what they are, we should week to promote the happiness and welfare of all Adams race.

    Microsoft is a technology company with resources that are the envy of other companies. They're definitely going to make some waves, but its not going to be easy.

    There were certain great principles involved in the organization of this earth, and one was that there might be a place provided whereon the children of our Heavenly Father could live and propagate their species and have bodies formed for the spirits to inhabit who were the children of God for ... He is the God and Father of the spirits of all flesh.

    VC firms have historically done much better than the public market. It's the nature of high-growth capital. The participation is active and the business plans are reviewed more carefully.

    I thought we played adequately. We could play better. Out of 25 schools, to be second, is a pretty good position.

    In the past, the perception that something has a premium price point has led to the demise of the platform, ... You can look at Sega as an example of that. You can look at 3DO as an example. Microsoft is going to be incredibly sensitive to that.

    It's extremely good for small-business owners, in particular underserved groups like minorities and women,

    What's extremely important is that Sony is out there now and is delivering increasing quantities of product. It's pretty clear to me that if you look at the 128-bit segment, Sony is going to go up and everybody else is going to go down, only because Sony has a 12-month head start. But when you look into the next year, that could change depending on who's got which software.

    The fact that you can identify a group of people who are at risk for problematic behaviors is very important. If you can intervene on a group of people before they begin drug use or embark on a cycle of addiction, that could have huge health benefits.

    There's no question that in 2002 and 2003 that a lot of investment went to later-stage companies because they entailed much less risk.

    He's a natural to be speaking on this. In this area, Canada has been helpful in the debate.

    That's the whole idea. They actively work alongside the entrepreneur, but typically as an involved board members.

    He had a good tournament and he's wrestling with a lot of confidence right now. He's wrestled a number of the top guys in his (state) bracket already this year.

    Supposing I live, I have got a work to do and if I die, I shall still be engaged in the cause of Zion ... If we live, we live to God and if we die, we die to God and we are God's, any way.

    happened to occupy the same law firm office as former Vice President Nixon.

    Fame was like walking into a very loud and noisy room, and staying there for five years.

    She's just sitting there, trying to get the attention of a drake. She's trying to get him to come down and sit with her.

    We had one where he was a little upset. He thought he was being encouraged, in one of the establishments, because the bar maid was giving him an empty beer bottle to use as an ashtray. Otherwise, they take their tickets and stub their cigarettes and take it like anything else.

    I think the DC is in a position to benefit for the shortage. Sega's key strategy now is to identify Dreamcast with online gaming ... If Sega can get that grounded, then I think the Dreamcast is in a position to stick around for a long time.

    There's been a lot of hand wringing going on because of what the cost outlook is for game development for the next set of platforms. I think there's a growing feeling that in order to build and launch a game you're going to have to start at the 20 million mark - 10 million to build the game and 10 to launch it with a big splash. In order to be able to make any money on that kind of investment, you either have to assume some substantial unit numbers, which are hard to do in the first year or two of a platform's existence, or you've got to raise prices.

    If you can tap into a vein of interest that they have, then you've got a high probability of having a commercial success on your hands. And if that spills into the mass market, then you've got an overwhelming success.

    If I have a good game, it's because they've had a good game, ... I get most of the credit, but they should be getting it.

    Microsoft has recognized that owning a significant piece of real estate in the living room is key to them being a winner in digital entertainment, ... This is a strategic investment and part of a long-term plan for them.

    A ready-made customer base is something that can't be bought. Our digital competitors would kill for this head start.

    Wal-Mart wants to cut out the banks and become the middle man, so that they profit from the cash that flows in and out of Wal-Mart... and then go build more Wal-Marts.

    Japan is probably becoming a bit more influential in the day-to-day management decisions at Nintendo of America. It seems that might have been going on for a little while.

    There is a piece of real estate in the household that is increasing in value - and that's the place right above or right below the TV set. It sounds to me like Microsoft sees this as strategically important enough to them that they are willing to make the investment.

    We have an independent witness coming with us to observe us. What a gig that is. I'd love to have his job.

    I don't know why Gene feels that he's been somewhat overshadowed in the last few years. We think both men deserve credit. They're both towering figures in the history of consumer electronics.

    Dan has a real vision of where he wants to take the bureau and the work that the bureau does. He's really crystal clear on what needs to be done and how to go about it.

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