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    while we've all heard of Einstein's big idea, very few of us know what it means.

    I was in 20 Shakespearean plays by the time I was 20.

    I'm a fun father, but not a good father. The hard decisions always went to my wife.

    If my mother made plans to go out, he'd say, 'Uh-uh, Mama, the game's on.

    Take care, be kind, be considerate of other people and other species, and be loving.

    What you aspire to on a sitcom is the feeling of live comedy.

    He eats her alive. He is not a nice man . . . Wait until you see my hair. It's very 1974.

    example of just how wonderful words can be.

    For me, working on stage is much more exhausting than all the other mediums, but it's also much more thrilling.

    I keep looking for things I haven't done yet.

    I'm a con artist in that I'm an actor. I make people believe something is real when they know perfectly well it isn't.

    When you end a successful sitcom, the most sensible thing to do is go back to the theater.

    I'm very concerned for the future of the earth and its amazing creatures. We've got to be careful and make sure we don't foul our own nest.

    Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug.

    My parents always had books around. My dad read a chapter a night of Kipling's Jungle Book to us, and, of course, I loved comics. And I'm a habitual reader now and I track that back to childhood.

    I can't imagine doing an hour-long dramatic series because it's so much work. A sitcom is a wonderful gig. You work from 10 to 4 every day, it's fun, and you get to live at home.

    Academics tend to have wonderfully infantile senses of humor.

    There's nothing like spending an evening with an audience every night.

    If it's well written and well directed and you've got good actors to work with, acting is easy. But making sure all the ducks are in a row is the hard part. It's very rare.

    The Broadway audience is made up of a greater percentage of tourists now. There's not nearly as much variety and danger and challenge in what's being offered.

    It's a very tough time for the playwright. Broadway has become almost a musical comedy theme park with all these long-running shows.

    You are so lucky because you live on the west coast of Florida, where there are lots and lots of manatees, ... Most of the kids in the country don't know about manatees and how wonderful they are.

    If you read in front of your kids, it's very likely that they'll become readers, too.

    I consider myself a very lucky actor that, approaching 60, I'm still employed and employable.

    Look at the darkest hit musicals - Cabaret, West Side Story, Carousel - they are exuberant experiences. They send you out of the theater filled with music.

    In animation, there's this exhilarating moment of discovery when you see the film and you say, Oh THAT'S what I was doing.

    Up there with my awards, I have a great big statue of Groucho Marx, just to put everything in perspective.

    I lead a pretty boring life. I once met an editor from the National Enquirer who said to me, almost apologetically, 'I'm sorry, but we're really not interested in you.' I'm afraid that's true.

    I was supposed to be a physics genius on 'Third Rock From the Sun,' and I'm supposed to be very knowledgeable about physics narrating this piece, ... In both cases, I'm a very good actor.

    The characters are not hesitant to use wonderful words like 'pathetic' and 'bracken' reeds along the river. He uses those words, knowing kids will ask 'What does that mean' ... Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

    I find I have to walk a little faster in public these days, but it's very easy to remember when nobody had any idea who I was.

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