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    After WorldCom, Qwest and everything else, the market is having a 'When will this end' and 'Which company is next' reaction, ... So even though this isn't exactly a surprise, it shakes investor confidence even more.

    They're not so jaded they haven't done it 20 times before, ... When you go on location in Chicago, even the onlookers are thrilled.

    That's now 42 goals against which averages two a game. That means we need to get three goals to win a match. That's why we went five at the back, to give them a hand. We sacrificed the flair up front, knowing that they were on the bench and we could throw them on.

    That is the kind of (bad) luck we have been having whole season. All we can do is keep working hard and hope the breaks go our way.

    Contrary to the misleading propaganda many of you have received over the past years, credible and reliable research show vouchers and tuition tax credit programs do nothing to improve public school performance overall, and in fact, often result in a decline in school and student performance.

    We need to make it more difficult for the thieves to steal property and by taking some basic crime prevention tips such as closing windows you are less likely to be a victim.

    Russell has a great appetite for the game ... I thought he might have been tired after Wednesday but he played superbly again. His composure is outstanding and his passing is flawless. My only worry is that sometimes maybe I'm asking too much of him.

    She's a joy to read and always refreshing, on point, knowledgeable, insightful, thoughtful and most deserving of the newspaper's highest ranking honor.

    I like young actors because they're so unspoiled, not like some of those actors who are about half an hour into their fifteen minutes of fame by the time they get to me.

    You've got an extension of the end of December gains, and I think we can build on that for the short term, ... The one caveat is that we're getting overbought and there could be a little profit taking or some flat trading later in the month.

    Oil's a tricky thing, where we've seen pullbacks in the price and the market doesn't respond, but when you see a rally, stocks fall, ... Oil is clearly the excuse today for the selling.

    Matt won't be happy at losing two goals on his debut but he kept us in the game with some excellent saves.

    After Greenspan changed the language in the statement last time, there is some apprehension about what he'll say,

    We're overbought, especially after yesterday, and there's talk that tomorrow's payroll number may disappoint, ... Yet stocks are hanging in.

    I was really amused when someone once called me a purveyor of horny sex comedies. He listed Breakfast Club and Mr. Mom in parentheses.

    There was not much enthusiasm out there today, ... The durable goods data was a disappointment, but on the other hand it wasn't entirely a surprise, given the weakness in some of the other economic reports we've had. Meanwhile, retail concerns also persis

    My heroes were Dylan, John Lennon and Picasso, because they each moved their particular medium forward, and when they got to the point where they were comfortable, they always moved on.

    The numbers today will confirm what the Fed's been saying -- they're concerned about inflation, but they don't think it's an imminent concern.

    If there's nervousness about the Fed tomorrow, then why is the Dow up so much. They're not expected to do anything. Depending on whether they change the language in their statement, you could see the market use it as an excuse to take profits, or an excuse to extend the rally.

    He had an outstanding season, ... and what annoys me is that at times I really don't think people appreciate exactly what they're watching. He's a genius, an absolute genius.

    I think the market has already discounted that the actual number tends to be a bit off (versus estimates), ... As long as we get something that is near estimates, the market should be OK with it.

    (Cregg) is the type of player and the style of player we want to attract at our club.

    I don't consider myself qualified to do a movie about international intrigue - I seldom leave the country.

    Going forward you're not going to see anything too dramatic, barring any major news event.

    Maybe when we get back after Thanksgiving we will get our first pull back or some sort of consolidation before we gear up for a year end rally,

    There's been this trend for several weeks of rallying in the morning and then fizzing out, and that's what we're seeing today, ... There's no clear direction sector-wise, it's really a stock-by-stock basis and stocks may have gotten a little ahead of themselves.

    I just decided to go for it and play a more attacking formation and it paid off with a victory.

    If you look at the market overall, you are in a negative place technically, ... The whole thing on the international front is kind of noise. It's a distraction from the fact that the economy is still choppy and that's why stocks aren't going anywhere. You

    Advertising was fairly simple work, and I really just wanted a job where I could sit and write every day and not get fired for it like I had at other jobs, but it was fun.

    It's a situation where it's late in the summer and it's hard to get any conviction, ... Barring any unforeseen catalysts, we're likely to stay volatile until at least after Labor Day.

    I think the action we're seeing is constructive. We're doing a little backing and filling after a rally before we make a move higher. You're also hitting against some key technical levels here, ... There's not a huge rally building now, but we've seen a little pattern in the past few weeks of rally, scale back, and then continue, and we may see that again.

    There was a lot of pessimism at the end of the year and rightly so. So yesterday was a pleasant surprise. But after that kind of day, if we're down 20 or 50 points (on the Dow) today, I'm not worried. What you want to see over the next few days and weeks is generally a continuation of that positive trend on better volume.

    I'm a former hippie, so clothes are important to me - your clothes defined you in that period. I guess clothes still defines people. But, I change a lot. I'm in my Brooks Brothers period now.

    I fully expected Livingston to cause us a bit of discomfort in these last few weeks. But our future is very much in our own hands just now and I can't ask any more from the players than what they are giving me just now. We are unbeaten in our last three games, we have lost only one goal in that time and we are picking up points. My only criticism is that the players are showing the tension they are obviously feeling and that is stopping them from playing in their usual free-flowing manner, but it is an understandable reaction bearing in mind what is at stake. All I can ask is that they remain focused and concentrate on winning their last four games.

    The young actors get hit harder because of their age. Because Rat Pack - which Brat Pack is clearly a parody of - was not negative. Brat Pack is. It suggests unruly, arrogant young people, and that description isn't true of these people.

    It's been about ten years since I've worked with actors who knew their lines!

    When a book is written, it's a final product. But, when a script is finished, it's really just a blueprint. And it's an extraordinary experience for me to watch someone take what I wrote and imagined and make it three-dimensional. And it's great if someone adds something I hadn't thought of.

    I find that screen kissing wears very thin very quickly.

    My generation had to be taken seriously because we were stopping things and burning things. We were able to initiate change, because we had such vast numbers. We were part of the baby boom, and when we moved, everything moved with us.

    We like technology still because it is one of the better acting groups, ... We've seen a good push with the Internet stocks, but we're seeing with a bit of a warning that you have to be quick here if things start to deteriorate, to get out.

    What we're gonna see now and probably for the next few days is what we saw yesterday, a little technical bounce from oversold conditions,

    I so desperately hate to end these movies that the first thing I do when I'm done is write another one. Then I don't feel sad about having to leave and everybody going away.

    So much of this economic news has been anticipated that you're not going to get much reaction either way, to better than expected news, or to something that misses estimates,

    There's very little buying interest right now and there are concerns with the Dow and SP 500 falling close to the January lows,

    It would be a nice problem to have. It would mean we had reached the final. I'd like to think common sense would prevail and we'd have the use of both of them.

    I'm not sure that there is anyone that would want to take on the company, given the current circumstances.

    The chips and the Nasdaq, that's where the leadership was in the April to May rally, and after two weeks of sideways trading, we're seeing a bit of a resurgence in that area,

    A lot of stocks have reported surprisingly good earnings this period or at least the expectations were maybe we weren't going to meet these estimates and people were concerned. But they have been performing a little bit better of late. Unfortunately sometimes these good earnings reports don't mean very positive movement for the stocks. Sometimes the stocks have run up in anticipation. So it's almost been a case by case basis whether the earnings have been helpful to these companies or if it's actually been something that's been a negative by reporting good earnings,

    The buying is broad-based, and the movement in some of these stocks is significant, particularly for technology, ... I think we're making some good progress today. It could mean a change in tone.

    So you have quality assets, you have an operating concern that is looked on as the jewel in the crown of the North American producer group.

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