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    The retail operations have to find a way to make money at some point, and if you've got a 1.7 billion in debt, then you've got to generate some pretty good cash flow to service that debt.

    They don't lose money in the first quarter, even if they might not make as much as they do in the fourth quarter.

    I'm more interested in seeing what the material tells me than in imposing my will on it.

    They really know what they want out of life, which is amazing considering the culture they came from, Boulder at that time.

    It demonstrates just how reliant Sears Canada is now on the merchandising business, because they always had the credit card business to shield the weak portion of the merchandising business.

    A dollar that is spent on interest can't be spent on fixing the stores. They have to fix the business.

    Art is basically made by dissatisfied people who are willing to find some means to relieve the dissatisfaction.

    The company has done a good job with their big-box stores, but it's also a good example of a retailer that has done it both ways.

    Art is a liaison between some sort of deranged mentality and others who are not going through it.

    We understand the rescue workers were able to stay in contact with the workers. They knew at least they were conscious and stable.

    Sears Canada is selling a prime asset that historically has contributed significant earnings and has reduced the volatility of consolidated earnings.

    We've had a renewed interest and our volume for deliveries is increasing. We deliver babies from a lot of different places.

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