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    I am excited and honored to have this opportunity, both as a CNN veteran who has done virtually every job in the organization and as a journalist dedicated to maintaining our stature as the world's most powerful news organization.

    Technology has saved us money in some circumstances, but it has really afforded us the ability to cover stories from locations we might not have been able to in the past.

    When Bob Novak wrote that column he wrote it for the Chicago Sun-Times. And I was not privy to who his sources were . . . that did not go through the editorial process at CNN. He has broken no laws and he has distinguished himself as a journalist for many, many years . . . He brings a different voice to our air.

    The regard in which he is held by people from every walk of life in virtually every corner of the world has added incalculably to our ability to cover such historic events as the Gulf War and the war in Iraq, the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the crackdown in Tiananmen Square and the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,

    Since I arrived at CNN, it has grown into one of the largest and most trusted news organizations in the world.

    We are pleased by the decision. The free flow of information is vital for a free society.

    We are committed to maintaining the world's respect while, at the same time, growing our business across our multiple platforms.

    I believe our editorial decisions reflected our constant desire to make sure that we fully cover and analyze any issue and give our viewers all the information they need.

    If we were in a similar circumstance in the future I would want to make sure that our reporting was at least as diverse as it was during this most recent war.

    I'm not trying to be coy here; we're just not prepared to give a lot of detail about our thinking, but we will be making some announcements in the coming months.

    CNN was one of the first news organizations in the world to train and equip its journalists before deploying them to dangerous areas.

    We are in the fortunate position of being able to share our substantial news-gathering costs among several different U.S. and international networks.

    We believe very strongly in the free flow of information and felt it was necessary to have access to tell the full story.

    I think we need to be careful how I answer that question,

    I can't think of a time that the U.S. government asked us or instructed us not to report or air something.

    We're going to try to create some programs that are going to generate viewer interest and appointment viewing. We still will have news on Headline News.

    At CNN, we are only in the business of finding and reporting the news. As for the pressure to deliver ratings, our viewership is up.

    As seen most recently from war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, from tsunami-ravaged South Asia and from Hurricane Katrina's landfall along the Gulf, ... CNN has shown that it is capable of balancing vigorous reporting with respect for private concerns.

    In Iraq, embedding allows us to put reporters in situations that would otherwise be too dangerous for them.

    Throughout the lead-up to the war, CNN worked hard to air all sides of the story. We had a regular segment called Voices of Dissent in which we spent time covering antiwar protests and interviewing those who were opposed to the war with Iraq.

    During the war, in which several of our embedded correspondents were able to report from moving vehicles crossing the Iraqi desert, the use of technology made news gathering safer.

    CNN can still afford 36 bureaus around the world.

    Our mandatory training continues and is in addition to the discreet use of security advisors and armored cars when circumstances warrant.

    We exercise great caution in airing an audio- or videotape released by a terrorist organization holding a hostage. These are decisions made by CNN's editorial staff and not by any third party.

    At CNN, our view is that good journalism equals good business.

    Our embedded reporters during the war agreed to guidelines established by the military.

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