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    The 2007 Escalade represents the next phase of Cadillac's product renaissance one that was launched by the previous-generation Escalade. Since its inception, Escalade has been an icon the vehicle many discerning customers aspire to own.

    We are a restaurant company that focuses on taking care of its travelers.

    Offering our more dramatically styled, greatly refined and higher performance all-new Escalade at a starting price equal to the current generation Escalade should certainly attract luxury consumers' attention and help Cadillac continue to dominate the large luxury utility segment. The new 2007 Escalade boldly begins the next phase of Cadillac's renaissance.

    I don't know whether it will sell God's truth, I don't care. I want it in libraries, I want it in journalism schools. I want it out there.

    Everyone in the defense analysis business recognizes that we have excess capacity, and we just can't afford it.

    We're very sympathetic to these kids and the many others that have enrolled here. My goal is to make them feel welcome, give them the opportunity to feel more stable and be a member of this football team. Certainly any coach would be proud to have them.

    They can be a better ambassador. It's important for them to understand the product.

    Folks know Cracker Barrel for comfort foods, the fire place, the rocking chairs and nostalgic candy.

    What an emotion-packed weekend. Team Cadillac did a fantastic job. They rebuilt Andy Pilgrim's car on Thursday and then they rebuilt Max Papis' car during the race. Ron Fellows brought home a victory for Cadillac again today, and it's great for the series that the championship is going down to the final race.

    The 'Chrome Couture' spot is one of the boldest Cadillac has ever done, linking the vehicle's dramatic presence and bold design to an idea and lifestyle. This Super Bowl spot positions Escalade as the star and showcases it as the beginning of the next phase of Cadillac's ongoing product renaissance.

    We wanted to do something for children because they are our primary audience and because they are the center of families. It's fundraising, but we're putting the fun into it.

    The average age here is 50. Most of the people we hire have 20 to 25 years of experience. We like experience.

    They worked for 12 years to earn trust in this community, and it was compromised by a scam. These people lost their dignity and their pride, and they've worked hard for two years to get it back.

    The people of New Orleans need to get back to at least the level of hurricane protection we had before Katrina. We were authorized to do that, and do it quickly. It's up to Congress to decide to take it to a higher level.

    Our success both on and off the pitch, particularly last season, has put us in an excellent position to grow our business. Adding both Sunderland of England and the L.A. Galaxy of MLS to our schedule speaks volumes about the growth of the Portland Timbers. It's shaping up to be a most exciting season.

    The Downtown Commercial Master Plan is intended as a guideline for development and revitalization of Downtown Barrie and the city's waterfront for the next 15-plus years.

    You have to have a love for the game. I always have. Shoot, my dad was 50 years old and out here playing tackle football with us when I was younger.

    Many of the team members are from New Orleans and lost their homes during Katrina. Their families will live behind these new levees.

    This is a unique opportunity because the game is in Detroit. We'll be on a world stage ... in front of our employees and neighbors.

    In the early stages of wealth, up to 10 years after individuals became very rich, they display a bit of reluctance to spend money. It's a lot easier rationalizing spending a lot for a house.

    It's going to be an exciting year because for the first time fans are going to have the opportunity to see every team in the USL play here at least once this season.

    The Super Bowl is a unique opportunity to bring one of the world's largest sporting events and promotional platforms together with Cadillac, the iconic American luxury brand. The Super Bowl is an exceptional platform to showcase the all-new 2007 Escalade and the entire Cadillac portfolio while reaching one of the largest and most relevant audiences.

    The surveys are really trying to understand what our existing spending habits are and what's the base we have to work from,

    They had to remove all the nerves on the right side of my face, so when I smile, only the left side works. My wife laughs at me. She tells me not to smile.

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