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    liberating their thoughts and seeking truth from facts.

    Democracy is not an absolute concept. On the contrary, it is relative, it is relative to the characteristics of each country,

    We will continue to oppose NMD because it is detrimental to world peace,

    The bombing itself, the killing itself, are enough to arouse people's feelings, ... The Chinese students just are very, very patriotic. They love their country.

    This time, in violation of international law and practice, the U.S. plane bumped into our plane, invaded Chinese territorial air space and landed at our airport,

    We must keep to the orientation of serving the people, and socialism, and the principle of letting 100 flowers bloom and a 100 schools of thought contend and highlight the themes of the times while encouraging diversity,

    to solve the issue of Taiwan and realize complete reunification of the motherland is one of the three major tasks for the Party and the nation in the new century.

    We should have a strong sense of crisis, because we cannot concentrate on economic development without a consolidated national defense and a powerful army,

    I want to emphasize that both of our countries should handle this affair with a maximum care for their bilateral relations,

    In today's China, which is a large and developing country with a population of over 1.2 billion, top priority should be given to ensuring the greatest possible majority of its people the rights to subsistence and development. Otherwise there would be no other right to speak of,

    I have to emphatically point out that the one-China principle is the basis and promise of peaceful reunification,

    a new type of cooperative relationship which is not an alliance, not confrontational and not aimed at a third country.

    The army should help local governments in combating all forms of terrorist activities,

    The time when a few large countries or groups of large countries could monopolize international affairs and determine the fate of other nations is gone forever,

    We cannot understand why the United States often sent its planes to make surveillance flights in areas so close to China,

    China highly values the development of Sino-U.S. relations,

    Leaders of both countries have built mutual trust and a cooperative partnership, exchanged high-level visits frequently and coordinated closely in major international affairs,

    The great victory in the fight against the floods is another most telling answer to their question.

    To ensure our people these rights is in itself a major contribution to the progress of the world human rights cause,

    insist on peaceful negotiation to find a political solution to the Kosovo conflict. Otherwise, the Kosovo problem will only grow worse, and the situation in the Balkans will become even more turbulent.

    Chinese-Russian good neighborly relationships need to be brought forward by the younger generation.

    World peace and security will be safeguarded if the new security concept with the principles of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation as its core is followed.

    China will continue to support the efforts of the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate rights, including the establishment of an independent state,

    Streamlining the army with Chinese characteristics is the right choice for China in military modernization,

    ASEM should build a new Silk Road to actively boost exchanges between these two civilizations in the new century so that countries in Asia and Europe will build on their respective civilizations and respect, learn from, complement and benefit each other,

    the Chinese people have enjoyed a much better life, and it has intensified efforts to improve democracy and the legal system.

    Russia and China stress the basic importance of the ABM treaty, which is a cornerstone of the strategic stability and the basis for reducing offensive weapons, and speak out for maintaining the treaty in its current form,

    China is willing to give continued aid to Pakistan and to promote two-way trade and economic cooperation,

    conducive to the development of the China-U.S. relationship.

    The Cold War mentality must be abandoned once and for all, ... And a new security concept based on mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation should be established.

    The Chinese government thinks China and the U.S. should develop a constructive relationship of cooperation,

    Members of the new social classes have made a contribution to socialist production forces through honest work and legal operations,

    Although you no longer take up the highest post, you are still very busy, ... People of our age should keep their brains working ceaselessly.

    I believe the statement President Clinton delivered earlier this morning also stressed his mode of handling China-U.S. relations in a positive manner,

    Beijing's policy is against strategies of force and the U.S. military presence in Central Asia and the Middle East region,

    Talk politics, talk about study and talk positively.

    Japan has given a clear, adequate statement ... I want Japan to observe its promises.

    On the basis of the one-China principle, let us shelve for now certain political disputes and resume the cross-Straits dialogue and negotiations as soon as possible.

    Comrades We express our deep thanks to all our friends around the world and to the IOC for helping to make Beijing successful in its Olympic bid,

    The Chinese nation will realize a great rejuvenation,

    China stands ready to make unremitting efforts to facilitate this process for further progress and positive results,

    The People's Liberation Army should play the role of shock troops, overcoming fatigue and sharpening vigilance to make new contributions,

    The Chinese government always has attached a great importance to human rights,

    patriotic and combat-ready officers and soldiers must make themselves ready for at least limited engagement with U.S. firepower.

    The extremely hard and bitter struggle against the floods, the severe test of life and death, and the experience of braving wind and storm together have strengthened the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the masses and the fish-and-water relationship between the army and the people,

    Our army is the people's army that is under the absolute leadership of the party,

    Our consistent policy is to protect human rights according to law,

    I believe that through the joint efforts of China and the U.S., my visit will deepen our mutual understanding, broaden our common ground and promote friendship and cooperation between our two countries, and that China-U.S. relations will enter a new stage of development,

    Even before the September 11 attacks, China and other members of the SCO had signed the Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism and are now stepping up efforts to set up a regional anti-terrorism agency,

    will remain their home in the future where they can live in peace and contentment.

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