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    This is an important approval for patients who need lifesaving immune globulin products. This new product provides a unique new treatment delivery option to patients and their physicians.

    We are enthusiastic about the potential of having a very accurate, simple test in the home to increase testing and awareness in people about their HIV status. But we are seeking broad input from our panel and the public on the benefits and any risks.

    To develop an investigational test to screen blood, tissue and organ donors, and to get this test in blood banks throughout the country, and then licensed this quickly is a remarkable achievement for public health and patient safety.

    It's premature to put a number on the actual supply for next year because manufacturing is continuing, and there are still some uncertainties with respect to Chiron, but we are very encouraged by being able to license this new vaccine, and also I think Chiron has reached a significant milestone in terms of their recent FDA inspection. We're encouraged by the positive track they're on, although the assessment is ongoing. The bottom line is it's encouraging. We certainly are hopeful that there will be additional vaccine beyond what was available last year.

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