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    Failure to comply with hazardous waste regulations endangers both human health and the environment and will not be tolerated.

    Her workouts were what really got my attention. She puts in so much hard work all the time. She never gives any back talk and she does whatever she is asked to do. She may get burned out by doing the same exercises all the time but she never shows it with her facial expressions. She definitely has the heart to be a real competitor.

    I think through the mistakes they've made, they understand the process a little better.

    Everyone always says that we're too showy. We think that's hilarious. I mean, you come to a show to see a show, yet we're too showy...hypocrisy my friends.

    The biennial reports provide the EPA, the state and local communities with important information on what hazardous wastes are in their communities.

    I don't know about you, but I go to a show to have fun. It's all about fun, man. The cheese parts are what make it entertaining.

    The ads are compelling and make a statement about how valiant these human beings are. These stories are ones of hope and triumph over potential tragedy.

    Tim embodies what we value in a mixed-signal designer -- expert level analog design coupled with an equally strong understanding of digital design and signal processing. Tim has consistently led the design of market-leading products and has also been instrumental in product conception. His work ethic, flexibility and willingness to embrace any challenge have set him apart for some time. It is with pleasure that we include this honor to Tim's long list of accomplishments.

    That was a great hold by Cole, but the big thing is he kept his poise. A lot of inexperienced holders would have panicked. I think a lot of people will always remember Cole for that hold.

    English is one of the most talented and gifted athletes I have ever come across in 20-plus years. You don't come across athletes like her very often. She has definite Olympic potential.

    This past Sunday night, I counted 31 pigs out in my field. This is a major problem.

    Emergency departments and ER doctors will take it on the chin. And follow-up care would be difficult for those patients to obtain, especially those without insurance.

    The one thing that separates us from other quintets is our mission. Most quintets don't look like us And they mostly do traditional stuff, with the occasional new work. But we go out of our way to find music of other countries, new and old.

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