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    It's unconscionable to pass this burden on to our kids,

    I can tell you if we don't see more than rhetoric, this leadership team is not secure.

    It's not too late to try to contain the cost of this entitlement.

    When U.S. congressman Jeff Flake visited Havana recently, promoting legislation to let Americans travel freely to Cuba, Fidel Castro had his top aides meet with Flake to ask whether the measure could really pass. Yes, ... and tell Castro that if he doesn't behave, we're going to bring down the whole darn embargo

    I have to be a little pessimistic. There is no real stomach for fiscal discipline right now.

    The leadership structure has evolved with earmarks and leadership PACs where the result is that leadership is far too powerful. The rest of our colleagues share that view. To the extent we can continue to highlight that, it may serve some purpose.

    If the total cost of the hurricane recovery effort approaches 200 billion, as some have suggested, that would amount to every family in the country paying about 2,500. The last thing we need to do would be to saddle taxpayers with a tax increase,

    It's more than likely there will be leadership elections in January. We don't want to go into an election year without a permanent majority leader.

    There was virtually no control at the border. They would go back for birthdays, for Christmas, for holidays, because they could always come back across the border easily.

    Our government shouldn't tell us where to travel and where not to travel.

    The White House wants (immigration reform), and many of us in the House do so as well,

    Our real leverage has come from the fear that DeLay will not have a post to come back to. They are deathly afraid of a leadership election in January.

    The enormous cost of this proposal will only hasten Medicare's insolvency, and we'll have to rely on future Congresses to have the political courage that this Congress lacks,

    If voters want bigger government, sooner or later they're going to return to the genuine article, and that's the Democratic Party,

    My guess is that most states would gladly forgo 10 percent of their funding for the ability to make funding decisions,

    There's a lot of fat to trim. ... I wonder if we've been serving in the same Congress.

    We in the House have plenty of time between now and Thanksgiving to do it.

    50 billion is simply too much to give FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) all at once and ensure proper oversight.

    It's inexcusable, ... We're going to march ourselves right into the minority and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Many of us thought even before Katrina we couldn't afford this benefit. We certainly today have to think we should put this benefit off.

    Three hundred thousand manufactured homes People are screaming about that, ... I tell you, FEMA is a disaster.

    They want to keep the ability to hide earmarks. They don't want the scrutiny.

    For over 40 years, Americans have been prevented from traveling to Cuba, and for over 40 years, Castro hasn't moved an inch closer to democracy, ... If we are serious about undermining Castro and bringing democracy to that island, why not let Americans tr

    There's no shortage of places where the federal government can tighten its belt to pay the cost of the hurricane recovery effort. Let's face it, after years of uninterrupted growth, the federal government is bloated.

    If we make the decision that federal money will follow the child, we should make it a voucher. That's a Republican principle.

    I feel at some point that the farm state politics will overwhelm the Florida politics.

    I never believed that it was responsible to create this new entitlement, but it's even more irresponsible now, given that Hurricane Katrina has created new spending priorities for the federal government,

    Since then Mr. Hastert and his fellow GOP leaders have skillfully used their narrow majority to win an amazing number of close votes without having to negotiate much with Democrats. But gradually the fear of losing their majority has also begun leading them to behave more and more like the big-spending Democrats they unseated. Holding the majority used to be viewed as a means to an end--the end being promoting freedom and limited government, ... Now, holding the majority seems to be an end in itself--holding onto power for the sake of holding onto power.

    You'd be sending home parents who brought kids here when they were 2. Do you leave the kids here with the neighbors for 10 years That's not a very conservative position in my view.

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