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    His sympathy made tears spring to Lina's eyes. Doon looked startled for a moment, and then he took a step toward her and wrapped his arms around her. He gave her a squeeze so quick and tight that it made her cough, and then it made her laugh. She realized all at once that Doon--thin, dark-eyed Doon with his troublesome temper and his terrible brown jacket and his good heart--was the person that she knew better than anyone now. He was her best friend.

    It would be something that another person had written down without understanding its significance; just a sentence or two that would be like a flash of light.

    What you need to learn, children, is the difference between right and wrong in every area of life. And once you learn the difference, you must always choose the right.

    Wouldn't it be strange, she thought, to have a blue sky? But she liked the way it looked. It would be beautiful - a blue sky.

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    - The City of Ember

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