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    We've got a lot of depth on this squad. I plan on using as many players as we can. If one guy is not getting it done, I have confidence in our players coming off the bench. We're looking to use our depth to our advantage.

    We've got a busy week. We need to be more consistent, especially at the start of the game. We can't afford to fall behind early like we have done.

    We stayed calm. They did a nice job on us in the first half. It took us a while to adapt, but we eventually figured it out.

    He's been steady all year for us. He kept us close. It just seemed that every time we were making a run, they'd come up with a key bucket. We just couldn't get any closer than three of four.

    No doubt he is one of the players on this team we look to for leadership in tough games. He steps to the front and takes things upon himself to make them happen.

    We didn't give them many scoring chances. We did a good job defensively. Our guys were checking and being aggressive.

    That is the area (rebounding) where we are very strong. We didn't take advantage of our size down low like we should have. We let them control the boards. That really hurt us. Plain and simple, they just outplayed us.

    We're off to a good start. We've got some time off now with vacation, so we'll work out and try to improve a few things.

    We have a lot of guys who have a year under their belts. In addition to that, a bunch of these guys played all summer and participated in a winter league. They're coming in here ready to play.

    That was the turning point. They were trying to slow the game down early on. We switched some things up in an attempt to get the pace faster. We came up with a number of steals and turnovers and cashed in.

    We made some defensive adjustments during the course of the game. We were never really in danger of them catching up. But we did struggle a little bit defensively.

    I felt we could have played better. At times we were sloppy and careless with the ball. We had a few good spurts during the game, but our inconsistency at both ends got us in the end. It wasn't the way we wanted to go out.

    We should do a god job of protecting our goal. We're experienced and physical and can keep opposing players from hanging out in front of our goal.

    I thought we had a solid third quarter. We cut the deficit and swung the momentum in our favor. But then we started the fourth slowly. We turned the ball over and they got a couple of buckets and were able to forge ahead by seven or eight. We chased them the entire quarter and just couldn't catch up.

    We looked terrible in the loss to Delaware Valley. They are a solid team, but they are not 15 goals better than we are. I challenged the kids to make sure they had better performances in the next two games. We were much more consistent.

    He was virtually unstoppable in those two games for us. Both teams had a difficult time finding the right combination to stop him. He is so fast and strong that he just outruns defenders down the filed. He is extremely aggressive and is good at scooping up loose balls and going straight to the net.

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