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    So far the protectionists have won in the European Union,

    I was pleased that we've agreed to work together to deepen significantly the flows of investment, technology, and tourists in both directions.

    The Basque Table 's 130 recipes introduce American cooks to a cuisine that is as easy to prepare as it is elegant and satisfying. These delicious dishes are flavourful and healthful, as Basque cooking is based on fresh vegetables, fish and shellfish, lean meats, rice, potatoes, and the olive oil for which Spain is justly famous. These time-honoured recipes are perfect for today's sophisticated palate and health-conscious concern for a balanced diet that doesn't compromise on flavour. It's a delight to encounter a book that revels in the honest flavours of the farm, garden, and sea, ... as I sit back and read Ms. Barrenechea's book, there unfolds a cuisine at once pure, simple, and joyful.

    Out of all those variables that people talk about, you can really narrow that down to a fairly small list.

    The Police Department has been reluctant to do another quick fix because, I don't want to throw money away, ... We wanted to wait off until we found a definite answer.

    If you have a lot of people behind you, that's what you need, ... It's not the money you have.

    45th over England 171-5 (Pietersen 76, Collingwood 2) Lee is bowling seriously quickly - consistently around 95mph - and looks to have trapped Collingwood lbw. Only for Bowden to rule, wrongly, that Lee had no balled. Oh dear oh dear, Bowden is having a shocker. Collingwood dabs a single, and then Pietersen twice thumps Lee straight down the ground. Incredible cricket I've put 100 on Australia to win in the same way I did for the Rugby World Cup final, ... It matters so much that we win that I want some financial compensation to drown my sorrows if we lose. Anyone else have some better ways of reducing the pain of such sporting events.

    I still love it here, but right now I've got some things I need to take care of, ... You know, it's good to have some change in your life from time to time. It keeps you going.

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