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    I think clearly the pressures will fall heaviest on the products and geographic regions not producing sufficient profitability. It's unlikely the technology business will have any heavy hits. It's growing quite nicely. But some of their mature businesses might.

    Drought continues to be the major concern for many areas of the country. Areas of eastern Georgia, the western Carolinas, and the Florida peninsula are entering their fourth year of drought.

    As long as greed, stupidity and cowardice remain a part of the human condition, there will be a constituency for Democrats.

    That does not mean they will not get rain, ... It just means they will get less rain than normal.

    We couldn't have asked for a better turnout, better weather or better organization for this event, ... On Labor Day weekend, a lot of local people are away and 8,000 people cam in from all over the country, spending a lot of money in Philadelphia.

    The only thing we're guilty of here is hasty good intentions,

    I look at popular history as a sort of synthesis for the non-expert, ... Scholarly history goes into the primary materials and expands the limits of knowledge about a particular subject. I'm working mostly with secondary materials, for the average reader.

    Any plans to move into that building were premature. But by and large, the Planning Commission supports the idea of bringing the Children's Museum to Elmwood Township. But they have to go through the process.

    My concern is that we must convince the state to proceed with widening of Route 9 sometime in the future to ... relieve congestion,

    They can't ease up on the cost cutting, but what they have really got to do now is grow the top line.

    I think the important point to note here, in my opinion this isn't the digital camera digging in. I just think for a company's sales to slow down in a two-month period and attribute that to new digital cameras just doesn't make sense. That camera base is not big enough. A year or two from now maybe that'll be the case. I think this is an economic event we're seeing with Kodak.

    For the year, Xerox's revenue growth should be in the 5- to 6-percent area. In the second quarter, they have to start making progress of about 4 to 5 percent.

    It's clear that the economy is decelerating. The question is from where, ... My sense of it is we are slowing, but to a very healthy level. I don't think as I look at my companies that we are going over the edge in terms of a slowdown. We have seen this a lot in the last five years with the economy accelerates and then decelerates.

    The new synthetics, in a remarkably short time, displaced gunpowder from its 900-year-old niche as the world's only effective propellant, ... By the 1890s nations across Europe were rushing to switch to the improved powder.

    I think that's a wise move on the state's part. What's fair is fair.

    Anytime you bring in an outsider, you run risk of disturbing the culture. But I think it's fair to say he'll make 3M a more performance-minded company. I don't think it's been performance minded enough in the past.

    It's important to understand the climate is not a light switch and La Nina will take time to change,

    I think with regard to this issue, last week was really the news rather than today. Xerox has been turning things around, other than their accounting, by cutting costs. With regard to accounting issues, I would say they've been closely scrutinized.

    The lack of revenue growth isn't a new concern. But investors are probably getting impatient for it to improve.

    Rains like these can't erase overnight what two years of La Nia and long-term drought helped to produce. These are major precipitation deficits,

    The Bush Administration got it right when it claimed that the world is indeed flat despite media and scientific community criticism. John D. Sailor, a veteran seaman of some six voyages, has reported that he has been to the edge, and peered into the abyss.

    Just as Europeans had taken advantage of their early lead in gunpowder weapons to support a wave of world conquest, they ushered out the age of gunpowder with a second and more comprehensive program of colonial domination,

    GOES satellites help our forecasters to see both the big picture and small-scale storm features,

    The company has indicated (the charge) will be less than the 1.1 billion that was taken in early 1998, which involved 10,000 (job cuts),

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