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    If we look at a wider canvas, humanity has witnessed unimaginable, enormous and immeasurable changes and progress in the last one thousand years.

    You coward, lay down your arms before your head gets cut off,

    Pol Pot will surrender, be captured or commit suicide.

    Cambodia is still very happy because we became a full member of ASEAN. For us, we count it as an admission. The marriage ceremony has been organized. Now we have to wait for the registration.

    We have lost the art of sharing and caring.

    The black chapter of strife, violence, turbulence and turmoil is finally closed.

    Don't come to give other people advice.

    Let me reassure that the Kingdom of Cambodia a country with independence, neutrality, peace, freedom, democracy and human rights as you all have seen, shall be existing with no end.

    The effect of corruption that we should not overlook is the lost of public confidence in the government which is a cause to weaken national unity and impede economic development,

    I don't know why we can stop the war but we can't stop natural disasters, these disasters make the people poorer and poorer,

    Peace, so elusive in the past many decades, now finally prevails all over the country.

    Cambodia possesses now the rights to look far into the future and everything for making a future construction is waiting for the Cambodian own efforts.

    I would like to warmly welcome the two personalities and I hope this decision made by the two personalities will become a mobilization of strength for national reconstruction and peace,

    Any pressure on the government from the international community will be worthless, because on the contrary it will only make the jailed man stay in jail longer,

    If we bring them to trial, it will not benefit the nation, it will only mean a return to civil war, ... We should dig a hole and bury the past and look toward the future.

    Our situation can get ... serious, ... The time is coming.

    I can assure you that the demonstrators had a number of agent provocateurs who were anything but peaceful and that our security personnel acted with great restraint, acting forceful only when forced to do so by the mob,

    return to live in society.

    The government was incompetent for failing to crack down on the riots for the following reasons we could not control the inflammatory information, and we did not used armed force to shoot the rioters,

    The lessons of the past should steer us towards ensuring lasting legacies for generations yet to be born.

    Please try to the maximum of your powers to allow the nation and the people to enjoy again peace and prosperity, to eradicate war, insecurity and violence,

    entering into the best stage of the history.

    Cambodia is now a fully integrated country without rebels or separatists and without internal strife or conflict for the first time in many decades.

    Yet, our achievements also mask many continuing failings and seem to expose more future dangers.

    The trial organized with U.N. participation of some kind will be for crimes committed by Khmer Rouge leaders from 1975 to 1979. That's it.

    I want to send him to an international court, ... This is an international problem.

    We want to see all demonstrations stopped.

    A court must be set up on the advice of national and international lawyers who are currently conducting their work, ... I am one among many people who support an investigation into the genocidal regime of Pol Pot, which must be punished.

    My only request is that I want to be a normal citizen. I don't need anything. I would like to recognize the Royal Government and the policy of the Royal Government and the constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia,

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