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    We are pleased with the results for the fourth quarter. We achieved record revenue and finished the year by signing an important patent licensing agreement with AMD for which payments will begin in 2006.

    Transistor budgets are exploding when you get to 65 and 45 nanometers, and the number of transistors is massive. Every chip is going to have significant blocks of technology, so the interconnects between those blocks would be an interesting place for us to look at.

    Many of these are wonderful companies that we would like to have engineering relationships with. I think it would be only as a last resort that we dealt with litigation.

    Our ongoing stock repurchase program demonstrates the confidence we have in our company and shows our commitment to deliver long-term stockholder value. Our strong balance sheet and cash generation capability allow us to simultaneously invest in our current business and repurchase stock.

    Renesas is a global leader in the semiconductor market and signing this renewal represents strong validation of our patent portfolio, ... This agreement continues our relationship with an industry leader and expands the availability of our technology in the market.

    One of our anxieties is de-focusing the relatively small number of engineers we have. Within our own core development, I am reluctant to fund projects that are way afield of where we are.

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