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    Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is about a communist sympathizer in tights who, uh, takes people's hard earned money and gives it to lazy people.

    I try to be as ignorant about things as I can.

    I think it's going to be Reese. Again, if somebody that movie was about died in the last year or so, that's the odds on favorite. They like dead people at the Oscars. I mean, the Oscar will go to Reese and June Carter. How can you not give an Oscar to a dead woman

    They say things like 'you know what I like about living in a small town Everybody goes to church together and to the general store. Everybody knows everybody.' That's total horse shit.

    I disagree with the use of the word Pussy to describe a weak person. Because the Vagina is the tougher of the two genitals. Think about it. It can pass something 50 times it's size through it. You can pound on it for hours and it goes More More It Bleeds

    Anyone who still supports George Bush would still let Michael Jackson babysit their kids.

    It's better to waste money than time. You can always get more money.

    Hoffman will win. It's a crazy character, and Oscars like crazy people, and they want to give him a shout out for 'Twister.' That was his breakout role, you know.

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