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    Take care of your own business and leave me alone. You're paranoid

    I lost a toenail on my foot and he questioned whether it was a real injury or not.

    He really let loose and while it was a mistake not to take advantage of some of his serving errors, he really played a fine match.

    It was an incredible match. I knew I had to do something as I didn't want to go out with a 6-1, 6-1 defeat. I didn't want to leave a bad image of myself.

    tried mimicking me right from the start. It was a distraction. Their captain, who has been mouthing off all about sportsmanship, is talking to the (chair umpire) on every second point of my serve. That's not sportsmanship ... that's absolute rubbish.

    It was an incredible point and a huge point in the context of the match, ... I think he lost hope after that point and after having had three match points.

    I didn't want to go out with a 6-1 6-1 defeat. This was an incredible match.

    Moya is playing at his best and it will be very difficult to beat him. But I am really hungry to win a tournament this year. I know he has been invincible in finals here in Umag but I hope I can be the first one to break this record of his.

    It was a misunderstanding. He (Massu) said, 'That's not a real injury, you're faking it,'. I said, 'No, it's real, I'm not faking it'.

    He played really well, took his chances at the net and the crowd really helped him out (in the fourth set). It was a fantastic battle.

    I had a lot of pain throughout the whole body. It was hard to move.

    There were no words exchanged, ... I had an injury with three of my toenails, he implied that I was faking it, and I told him to go sit. In four and a half hours, that was it. There were no bad words.

    They are all very young and motivated and looking forward to making history in their own country.

    He's always fought for his goals. He always left everything on court and off the court he's a fighter. I'm sure he'll be back.

    I have always admired you You are so great. I hope to see you as soon as I am back to Argentina. We'll play a match.

    All I can do is say sorry, what I showed on court was not at all nice.

    I am happy to have won this easy. It is good for the next rounds since I will save energy that I am sure I will be needing. It wasn't easy to play today. The weather conditions made the court very heavy.

    It was a difficult match and I had to be very focused. I made the most of the moments where I could break his service, and I really made the most of the moments where I could win. I feel very confident about the next match.

    Canas is not a criminal. He didn't kill anyone. I know him very well and he would never take anything to give himself an advantage. It was an accident.

    On this surface, on clay, yes, he's the toughest player because every point is very intense. He plays very intense. Also, on both sides he hits very hard. Until 4-2, all the games were very tight, but he ended up winning them because he had a better physical condition. He is like a beast, an animal, on the court. He's very strong and he's very well prepared.

    I didn't know my opponent very well and his game was a very slow game. He doesn't give you any rhythm. He comes out with things that I don't expect.

    It was a long journey from New York so I'm pleased to do enough to win. The goal now is to make sure I can qualify for the Masters Cup in Shanghai.

    I am finding my game and today it was another difficult first set. Volandri played very well and there was nothing I could do. Then I had luck in the 3-2 and managed to win the set. Probably he got a bit tired from yesterday.

    It took a lot of work with the conditioning coach, and I feel as strong as ever, and I'm going to continue to work with it so I don't have problems. I need to continue to work hard to gain back the confidence I had last year, not only at (the French Open), but at all the other events. Work hard, that's all I have to do for now.

    He's having a big year and is very confident, and he's also got luck on his side at the moment, ... I leave the tournament happy with my form though. I'm not disappointed as today I lost against a very good player.

    Hardcourt is the favorite surface of Johansson, and it will bea difficult task for me to challenge the Swede. I must player better than today when facing Johansson,

    I felt poorly but after they told me it was normal, I felt a bit better.

    It was very hot and I was really struggling at the start with my reaction time, ... But luckily I was able to turn it around and by the end I was at full speed.

    I am quite happy to be back here after my victory two years ago and I am hoping to go to Shanghai, ... It is extra motivation to be top seed. But there are still other players who can win here and who I still need to beat.

    I hope there are no more problems and things just quiet down now.

    I was losing feeling on the hand, ... It has been happening for four days. I had a lot of treatment...but during the match, the more I serve, the more it gets tight -- the forearm, the shoulder. I knew it could happen. That's just the way it is.

    I thought that sooner or later he would give up, or at least ease up. But he kept responding with incredible shots, shots that few people would have been able to come up with.

    I wanted to reach at least the quarter-finals or semi-finals here in order to get some confidence,

    I am not disappointed losing to Rafael (Nadal). He is an excellent player with tremendous confidence inside, and it seems luck is always on his side.

    It was an ugly match, boring for spectators. But the important thing was to win.

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