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    Our first two lines have been very good (26 goals in five games). Charlie has played very well and the defense is getting better every time out.

    There are a lot of Division I hockey teams that were done a couple of weeks ago.

    Dan's been our main scorer all year. If anyone's going to get a game-winning goal it's going to be him. If you give him an opportunity around the net he's going to put it in. He's got very good hands. He can stick handle it and he can shoot it. If you give him room he's going to put that thing away.

    Charlie has been excellent in our first four games. We didn't play very well as a team against Stamford, but he kept us in the game and was the main reason we won.

    They have been off a little bit lately. But they have good chemistry and they were moving the puck down low really well tonight. They were on tonight.

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