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    The season is a celebration of the American spirit. When you are planning a season, there is always a certain atmosphere surrounding you. We were aware of this fervent patriotism, and we wanted to address that. But there are different approaches to patriotic music other than the Sousa marches. For instance, our first program will be 'New York, New York,' celebrating the spirit of that wonderful city.

    Imagine you're standing in your yard with no clothes because your house burned down and a perfect stranger gives you food and clothing. It's what we do.

    Many people like to make New Year's Eve an experience rather than marking it with a single event. The Mesa Symphony's annual New Year's Eve concert is always packed because it allows East Valley residents to start the celebration a little bit early.

    They were real artists that worked on this thing, and I hope we can do it justice.

    They lost their parents. They lost their normal surroundings and often feel they are at fault. I felt there had to be a better safety net for children.

    It really motivated me. I know it doesn't have to be that way if we are willing to take risks and make changes.

    Once we had a volunteer show up at class to teach volunteers to use an AED (automatic external defibrillator) and found a person on the floor in full cardiac arrest with an AED on the wall.

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