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    We are going to strengthen relations with state oil companies ... We are going to guarantee that partners have all the right to recover their investment.

    I dreamed of being with Fidel and the Cuban people in the anti-imperialist struggle. Now I have the opportunity to be with him in that struggle, in search for peace with social justice.

    This is a political and social triumph as well as a union triumph and shows that our struggle has not been in vain.

    We will have an economy based on solidarity and reciprocity. We do not dismiss the presence of foreign investment, but we want it be real fresh investment to industrialize our hydrocarbons, all under state control.

    We never requested this auction to be set back as it's important for the country. It's important that we seek investment.

    I wish to tell you, my Indian brothers, that the 500-year indigenous and popular campaign of resistance has not been in vain.

    That's how life is in peasant families. What luck that three of us survived

    We don't want the drug fight to be a political tool to defend geopolitical interests. We don't want a drug fight that is a pretext for the U.S. or other powers or governments ... to simply control (Bolivia's) government, blackmail or place conditions.

    Every statement (Rocha) made against us helped us to grow and awaken the conscience of the people.

    It's OK, there are plenty of other countries, like China, that will be willing to help us.

    We have an obligation and a duty to create a consciousness in the entire world to help the majorities and the poor of the world to take control of their countries and change the economic situations in their countries.

    We will nationalize the natural resources, gas and hydrocarbons. We are not going to nationalize the assets of the multinationals. Any state has the right to use its natural resources. We must establish new contracts with the oil companies based on equilibrium. We are going to guarantee the returns on their investment and their profits, but not looting and stealing.

    As with any country, we have the right to manage our own resources. This doesn't mean expelling foreign companies or expropriating foreign property. Foreign companies have every right to recover investments and make profits, but profits should be balanced.

    I don't mind being a permanent nightmare for the United States.

    We are not alone. The world is with us. We are in a time of triumph, a time of change.

    I haven't come here to ask for anything, just for advice and orientation. He (Silva) is a great companion of mine. As a Latin American, he is my brother.

    The 500 years of Indian resistance have not been in vain. From 500 years of resistance we pass to another 500 years in power.

    We are not a government of mere promises, we follow through on what we propose and what the people demand.

    Everyone knows that the court is a product of the old parties. If I were a member of that court, I would resign.

    Starting with the government of the United States and concluding with the government of Fidel Castro, we have international support.

    The dignity and lives of Bolivians are not up for negotiation.

    As long as the government is unwilling to discuss the coca issue we won't have an agreement,

    Everything here is pardoned. We are in new times. Let us start talking, not in a dialogue of submission, but to find solutions.

    It is something we will have to deal with. We will deepen investigation and the Justice will have to try army officers under charges of treason .

    The fight against drug trafficking is a false pretext for the United States to install military bases.

    The people who are responsible must be punished harshly. Disarming a country and its armed forces really is a crime.

    I want zero corruption, zero bureaucracy, no more 'come back tomorrow'. People are tired of this.

    The hour has arrived where we liberate ourselves completely. I feel a wave of uprising and rebellion all around Latin America and a growing courage to stop our subjugation at the hands of the North American empire.

    Before they think about a coup, the US government had better think about withdrawing their troops from Iraq and closing their military bases in South America.

    We will not allow them to take power. Now is when the national majority has to govern the country.

    Many of these contracts signed by various governments are illegal and unconstitutional. It is not possible that our natural resources continue to be looted, exploited illegally, and as the lawyers say, these contracts are legally void and must be adjusted.

    Most Bolivians don't wear a tie and I'm part of this majority. It would bother me it's so tight around your neck I would feel like I was being hung.

    We are not interested in protecting U.S. interests, ... We don't want to protect policies that fail to resolve the problems of the majority in our country.

    The work groups will draw up commercial and cooperation agreements.

    This American was putting bombs in hotels. The U.S. government fights terrorism, and they send us terrorists.

    You must comply with the people's mandate, to democratically change the neo-liberal economic model and resolve structural and social problems.

    I forgive the people in the White House for their numerous humiliations and accusations. I forgive because we must embark, through dialogue, on the search for peace and social justice.

    This is a democratic revolution and we will answer the Bolivian people's call.

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