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    In fiscal 1999, Novell accomplished what we said we would do, ... We more than doubled our growth rates around the directory products that are fast emerging as the basis for IT solutions to support and manage business growth.

    In late May we said it would take upwards of nine months to address the issues in our business, ... In the fourth quarter we will take additional action to ensure our expenses are in line with revenue. Our revenue run rate will enable us to do this without impacting investments in our key opportunities.

    Costs, for better or for worse, have really not infiltrated a discussion that a doctor and a patient have when debating whether or not to use a cancer drug. We don't think it's impacting trends.

    I'll leave it to you to judge whether that is 100bn in market capitalization or revenue.

    We are very pleased with our results for the fourth quarter as we achieved excellent performance across our businesses. We generated significant revenue growth in our core search and advertising business, driven by continued strength in traffic and monetization. We will continue to invest significantly as we develop innovative new products and as we extend our core technologies to new user access points and to different channels.

    Success in the transplant setting may provide for a rapid path to market.

    If you spend enough time in front of the computer, you'll want a dot-pitch of .28 or less.

    It's only one game. There's a long season ahead, and our section is pretty balanced.

    You can only get a headline and a little copy on a postcard.

    We weren't here to hope and hang on. We wanted to win.

    We want to make sure the thing you're looking for is on Google 100 percent of the time.

    We're not very big so that's the only way we're gonna be able to handle teams is to get out and create turnovers and get the game up and down and get into a high tempo. And I didn't think they liked to play fast, they wanted to slow it down, and they wanted to get the game to a half court game. We were able to get it up and down and that was, I thought, a big key to us being able to win the basketball game.

    We're celebrating our seventh birthday...We had a pretty strong year, ... And we've sort of been struggling here with respect to the index. It has always been much larger than the others.

    The company isn't run for the long-term value of our shareholders but for the long-term value of our end users.

    We concluded that although we weren't wild about the restrictions, it was even worse to not try to serve those users at all.

    When the Internet publicity began, I remember being struck by how much the world was not the way we thought it was, that there was infinite variation in how people viewed the world.

    This is probably a good deal for Amgen in that folks had been wondering where top-line growth would be coming from in 2007 and this is a good product to have.

    If there is a 14-year-old boy in the house who is going to be playing a lot of high-end games, you are going to have to spend a lot more money than you would need to otherwise.

    Bagley did a good job of controlling the ball and slowing the game down for the first five minutes. They played a defense that we haven't seen yet this year and it took some time for us to get organized.

    There are a tremendous number of moneymaking sites, ... We try to block the most popular ones and take care of the rest through education.

    There is very large capital spending associated with data centers. We move very large amounts of information.

    You get better relevancy and more comprehensive news with a larger index.

    We're seeing excellent results across Novell's directory business, ... Our three areas of focus intelligent servers, directory applications and service, education and consulting are performing well.

    When you are serious about selling a company you approach likely buyers in a non-public manner. The history of these kinds of announcements is that they rarely lead to a definite transaction.

    We're going to figure out our roles. And I think last night they were just a little confused at what Warroad was throwing at them. But we're smart as basketball players.

    Novell is a solidly different company today than it was one year ago,

    We have all made commitments to the government that we will absolutely follow Chinese law. We don't have any alternative.

    There are some pretty high-powered interest groups on both sides, so it's anyone's guess. He's caught between a rock and a hard place and will likely come up with some compromise.

    We believe that search networks as industries remain in their nascent stages of growth with great forward potential.

    We've had a pretty difficult year, ... We are six months into a process of transforming from a relatively straight-forward software company into a solutions-based company.

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