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    There has never really been any threat of expulsion, just the hype in some international circles to try and frighten us. The motion would require 85 percent of the total votes.

    What is disturbing the industry and other businesses is that the power goes at anytime of the day and this does not enable the industry to plan. Production is affected.

    There is no doubt the government will have to borrow to finance the salaries and this is destructive economically.

    There are going to be major demands for wage increases and thus causing further inflation.

    I have been speaking to both locals and foreigners at the fair and they believe that although there is a lot wrong with the economy at the moment, change will come eventually and they want to have a presence in Zimbabwe when it does.

    Concerns, however, remain on the level of the national debt, inflation and lack of investment.

    They (IMF) will be very concerned with the upsurge of inflation. The other problem will be that the government still maintains 18 products under price controls.

    The foreign currency gap appears to have narrowed, but it is because of the time of the month. Nobody is importing right now and there has been a drop in demand for foreign currency but it will pick up as industry opens for business.

    Greater expectations of foreign currency generation from the manufacturing and the mining sectors will help narrow the gap but not close it.

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