Erasmus Darwin Quotes (9 Quotes)

    Hear him, ye Senates, hear this truth sublime; He who allows oppression shares the crime.

    Stroke follow strokes, the sparkling ingot shines, Flows the red slag, the lengthening bar refines Cold waves, immersed, the glowing mass congeal, And turn to adamant the hissing Steel.

    No, Sir, because I have time to think before I speak, and don't ask impertinent questions.

    Soon shall thy arm, unconquer'd steam afar Drag the slow barge, or drive the rapid car Or on wide-waving wings expanded bear The flying chariot through the field of air.

    In fact, Darwin's own grandfather anticipated the central tenet of Lamarckism by some seven years 'All animals undergo perpetual transformations which are in part produced by their own exertions... and many of these acquired forms or propensities are transmitted to their posterity.'

    A fool is a man who never tried an experiment in his life.

    Organic life beneath the shoreless waves Was born and nurs'd in ocean's pearly caves First forms minute, unseen by spheric glass, Move on the mud, or pierce the watery mass These, as successive generations bloom, New powers acquire and larger limbs assume Whence countless groups of vegetation spring, And breathing realms of fin and feet and wing.

    No radiant pearl which crested Fortune wears, No gem that twinkling hangs from Beauty's ears, Not the bright stars which Night's blue arch adorn, Nor rising suns that gild the vernal morn, Shine with such lustre as the tear that flows Down Virtue's manly cheek for others' woes.

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