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    In reference to Michael Jackson In my estimation he is the true King of Rock Pop and Soul

    It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.

    We still believe firmly that she's innocent, and we're just going to keep fighting.

    The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues.

    Americans are getting so lazy. Now they have to get up and get some form of exercise. The university has made a brilliant move.

    My mother says I didn't open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked.

    I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid to look behind them.

    It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.

    I believe Michael is absolutely innocent and that he will be vindicated,

    I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can't possess radiance, you can only admire it.

    You find out who your real friends are when you're involved in a scandal.

    When people say shes got everything, Ive only one answer I havent had tomorrow.

    Their whole reaction is that he is guilty. I thought the law was 'innocent until proven guilty.' I know he is innocent and I hope they all eat crow,

    A belly laugh increases the ability of your immune system to fight infections.

    I suppose when they reach a certain age some men are afraid to grow up. It seems the older the men get, the younger their new wives get.

    It's all about hope, kindness and a connection with one another.

    I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too - for being married so many times.

    This is a book that respects kids and their ideas. And in that regard, it places Chasing Vermeer in the tradition of classic favorites fondly recalled from our own childhoods.

    I don't talk about it. But when I was a little girl, my father was abusive when he drank and seemed to kind of like to bat me around a bit, ... I don't blame him at all. I know he was drunk when he did it. I know he didn't mean to do it.

    I don't think President Bush is doing anything at all about Aids. In fact, I'm not sure he even knows how to spell Aids.

    I really don't remember much about Cleopatra. There were a lot of other things going on.

    I've only slept with men I've been married to. How many women can make that claim?

    I'm a survivor - a living example of what people can go through and survive.

    Success is a great deodorant. It takes away all your past smells.

    Some guys yells out, 'Why are you here promoting your perfume when your mother is in the hospital dying' She burst into tears and ran off the stage. He got the reaction he wanted.

    The plot has echoes of National Velvet, ... Gone With the Wind.

    If someone's dumb enough to offer me a million dollars to make a picture, I'm certainly not dumb enough to turn it down.

    It's not like Thanksgiving, when we all get together. I think maybe half of my children will be here they're spread all over the world, and I never know if they're coming.

    When people say, 'She's got everything', I've got one answer - I haven't had tomorrow.

    She belongs to a Temperance Society and wears one of those badges in the shape of a bow of ribbon to show that she would never take a drink, not even brandy if she were dying. Of course by temperance they all mean the opposite - total abstinence.

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