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    I keep getting these extraordinary letteres, really weird ones from American sports stars - I've always thought you were one pretty lady and now that you're single I want to meet you for a drink.

    I love glamorous women. Hugh adores glamour, as well. I'm completely behind women dressing up and looking as good as they can.

    Being English, I always laugh at anything to do with the lavatory or bottoms.

    I was completely loyal and faithful to Stephen throughout this time as, indeed, he assured me he was to me.

    A bit of lusting after someone does wonders for you and is good for your skin.

    On having children Up until they go to school, they're relatively portable.

    Hugh Grant and I both laugh and cringe at the same things, worship the same books, eat the same food, hate central heating and sleep with the window open. I thought these things were vital, but being two peas in a pod ended up not being enough.

    Nothing irritates me more than chronic laziness in others. Mind you, it's only mental sloth I object to. Physical sloth can be heavenly.

    I certainly don't want a child of mine to be famous, or anyone I was very close to who isn't yet... It's the worst thing to be trapped in your house not be able to leave.

    I am still completely hands on in every aspect of my business - finally having a production manager, but the buck still stops with me on every decision big or small. I have neither a design team, a management team, a sales team or any other team for that matter

    I visit all the factories, fit every garment, check the pattern grading, design the clothes, pick every fabric, do the sales and supervise the shipping, ... I've roped in all my family and have never enjoyed myself more

    I've always wanted to be a spy, and frankly I'm a little surprised that British intelligence has never approached me.

    I would seriously question whether anybody is really foolish enough to really say what they mean. Sometimes I think that civilization as we know it would kind of break down if we all were completely honest.

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