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    I really don't see it being an issue, unless for some reason I have an incident this week on the golf course, or off the golf course, ... I certainly hope that doesn't happen.

    It's not disappointing at all. I played a good, solid round of golf today under tough conditions, and I came back from a disappointing day yesterday. I feel good about leaving here.

    Did a lot of good stuff today. I hit some bad shots, but overall, another good, solid round of golf and put myself right there with a chance to win the golf tournament going to the weekend. You know, that's what I'm here to try to do. So I'm in good position so far.

    A family we're helping out has two girls in college, ... One's a pre-med student, and the other is enrolled in a nursing program. But their parents have no jobs, and they have no money in their pockets. We originally approached them about getting out of the shelter and into a hotel. But they said, What do we do then We have shelter here -- and free food. We don't have any money to buy food on our own.

    We didn't play great. I had a chance to win there on 18 and didn't get it done, and he gave me one on the first playoff hole. I was lucky to get by with a victory.'.

    I'm just trying to get it to where I can hit good golf shots.

    A lot of people are in bad shape and their lives have been turned upside down, ... You look at us, we have everything that we could ever want. I want to play great for those people, just like I want to play great for my teammates.

    It's just so much unknown. A lot of times, if you have 72 holes, you can make up for somebody getting hot one day and you can make up ground. Here, if somebody gets hot, there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

    Three things stood out. Winning a tournament, and playing really, really well that one week. My wife giving birth to our second child. And that whole deal splitting up with my manager, which is going to go on into 2006.

    When I got on Tour, this was one of the places I looked forward to playing. I've played (all of the courses here) before.

    I made a couple of nice putts on the back nine that you are not supposed to make, but that is what you do when you have a hot round.

    It's a constant roller coaster of emotions. A lot of things go through your mind on every single hole. So much of it is unknown.

    Days like today are the reason I play the PGA Tour. To have a chance battling the best player in the world and going through all emotions --that's what makes it fun.

    It's become more frequent, and that's why the doctors want me to go ahead and take care of it, ... I'm more at risk to wreck a car or pass out on an airplane or something like that.

    Exactly, ... I really don't see it being an issue at all, unless for some reason I have an incident this week on the golf course, or off the golf course. I certainly hope that that doesn't happen.

    I've kind of been hit or miss the past couple of weeks. I've done some really good stuff, then made a bad swing when I shouldn't. However, this golf course will do that to you. Sometimes you can't just dial it in to the perfect yardage to some of these pins. I just need to be out there making good swings and taking the results it gives me.

    There are obviously superstars that win all the time, and it looks like it comes easy to them. Maybe it looked like it came easy to me because I played great, but on the inside, it's always a battle. To overcome all of that and win a golf tournament, it's the ultimate reward for all those emotions that you go through.

    (I was) trying to find people we could house. Get them out of the shelters because that's a bad situation.

    The more I thought about it there was too much uncertainty and thought it was better that I disqualified myself. I was probably the only one able to do that.

    I was on the opposite side of the golf course, and there's nobody out there watching us play golf. You knew where she was the whole time. It was almost like a Tiger-type following. You know where she was on the golf course. That says a lot. I don't think that wears off until that goes away for some reason. I just don't see that happening any time soon.

    I want to play well for myself, but at the same time, there is a lot of people out here that I'm excited to be playing for. I get excited. Hopefully, it will work out well this weekend.

    I would never even think to do something like that, but I guess that's the new generation. It's a different attitude. There are other things. I'd take the sunglasses off once in a while, but maybe I'm old school.

    You knew where she was the whole time. It was like a Tiger-type following. You know where he is. You know where she was on he golf course. That says a lot.

    I putted well. I capitalized on every time I hit a good shot, just about.

    There's so much that goes into it other than playing the golf course.

    First let me thank all the doctors and staff at Pittsburgh's UPMC- Presbyterian University Hospital. They were outstanding and I don't think I could have received better care anywhere.

    I think it has been good for me to be here, ... I feel good. I haven't seen any bad effects from the medicine, other than I feel a little tired in the mornings. I think that's because I take the medicine at night.

    It was not one of those days where you can go out and make 16 pars and two birdies.

    It plays in your head. You see guys bail out from water all the time, knowing they can play it from anywhere else but out of water. It's tough to play that shot.

    I could have separated myself (from the field). It would have been nice, but that's OK. I'm in good position.

    I have an issue with my heart, but it won't be a life-threatening situation. I am staying overnight in the hospital to get some further evaluation and tests done. The doctors will then give me some options on how to treat this issue.

    If I had it in a perfect world, I'd like 12 under par to win the tournament. I've always said if you can do that, you've challenged the players, but they're not playing the U.S. Open, either.

    As a young boy, I always knew something like this could happen, ... I was barely affected. There are so many people that don't know what the future holds.

    There are some good scores today, even with the conditions. Somebody is always going to play well, no matter who is in the field.

    You know, he was one of the best junior players of all time.

    It's special to play well in front of these people. The state has been good to me, the city has been good to me. If I can somehow come out on top, it would be one of those things that would be remembered.

    I'm anxious to get started tomorrow to see how I do, see how everybody else does on the redesign just because I think there's some unknowns about exactly how it's going to play.

    Neither one of us got more than 1-up during the match. Tee-to-green I was a little bit sharper than he was. In the end, I was lucky to get away with a victory.

    A lot of those people are screaming at him, sometimes when he's standing over a shot. It is awesome to watch.

    As far as a guy leaving town with a million bucks, he's still going to pay some taxes to go to the city, so it will be good. It's going to economically bring some dollars in that they would not otherwise have if we would have pulled the plug on the golf tournament. So I think it's a very, very important week.

    The course is playing a lot shorter than the last time we were here,

    Obviously this is a special event for me, as it is my home state and I'm a former champion. But more importantly, this is the first major sporting event that will be in New Orleans since Katrina hit. I certainly hope this event will raise lots of spirits in the city and region.

    I ran into a buzz saw every match. And even today, I was lucky enough to play just a little bit better.

    I appreciate all the people that helped me today, as well as the concern shown by everyone associated with the tournament.

    It's a place that I'm fond of, so many memories of all that water flowing across the golf course. Standing up there by the clubhouse and watching it all, you realize the power of water.

    I walked off the second green and told people they need to go watch football. Obviously, some guys are playing good. But to see pros in the teens over par starting the season That's not a lot of fun.

    As I was getting ready, the 2-month-old baby was screaming for a bottle and the 8 year old was screaming to go out,

    It's right in the middle of Amen Corner. When the greens are really rolling, it doesn't get much tougher than that.

    He's obviously been very solid and somebody you can count on to go out and play well and to represent his country. He thrives on it. He's a grinder, he's got that bulldog mentality that he hates to lose.

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