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    Northern Command's mission to protect the homeland against foreign threats is separate and distinct from its mission to provide support to civil agencies in the event of a terrorist attack of catastrophic proportions, ... So part of the confusion you're seeing is the natural shaking-out process as the Defense Department stands up a new command and adopts a new mission that most generals assumed with great reluctance in the first place, given that their forces and budgets were already stretched thin. In that sense, Admiral Keating's comments were probably less about someone gunning to take the lead, and more a reflection of how much support Northern Command will likely be asked to provide in the event of a real catastrophe.

    You don't bring in a director like Mike Newell and tell him, 'Well, you've got to make a film just like Chris Columbus,' ... It'd be foolish. So for me, I look this film, I see Mike Newell. I mean, I see Jo Rowling, but I see Mike Newell written all over it and that's really exciting for me.

    It is its own universe. But we try to maintain a real normalcy about it.

    It's pretty clear that D.H.S. is still the boss.

    I'm interested in people on the fringe, ordinary people who have to deal with extraordinary things.

    This is a very important intersection in the north part of the city and maybe we've been pushed aside because the people in the south have been the squeaky wheel. But maybe we have to play that game too.

    There is no way they are going to come up with a different answer.

    We had a lot of chatter and there were no attacks, ... Now that there's no chatter -- does that mean there will be no attack, or is there something else we should be concerned about I don't think we have enough information to conclude what it means.

    It's almost impossible to get east-west in the afternoon rush hour unless you have an hour or two to spare,

    They decided this was as significant a threat as they had seen, in all the information that they've seen, and that's why they went and raised the alert.

    Moody is a complex, challenging character. Brendan brought a great balance of ferociousness and humor to the role that makes him both formidable and lovable.

    The best shows will survive. The audience will decide that,

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