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    I had too many injuries. Neck and back problems really started to wear on me. I can still play golf, but I feel like my body won't allow me to play at a level where I can make a living.

    By organizing our core business into individual business units, there has been duplication of tasks and responsibilities that have not been supported by our sales growth. By restructuring our organization into functional areas, not only will we be more efficient, we will also be much more effective.

    It's to the point where the money I'd spend getting down there, it's not really worth it.

    The Stock Market Game is important. It gives students a real-life connection to economics instead of being in a textbook all the time.

    This is a further important step in putting these matters behind us and focusing our full attention on the strategic and operating initiatives that we have undertaken to grow our businesses.

    I don't know if I want to get into the industry. Because, as strange as this sounds, everyone who works in the industry doesn't get to play golf as often as they'd like.

    It's something everybody gets angry about, but you have to laugh about it, because we're all going through it,

    We've made much progress in this past quarter, especially in getting our inventory more closely aligned with sales, restructuring our organization into functional operating units and putting people in key leadership roles,

    It was a great high school baseball game. It was two good pitchers who battled and got out of trouble. Fortunately, we got the last big hit.

    The way things are going now, I just hate that we have a bye this coming Monday.

    These are great kids and it's a big day for the program and for them. It's been fun to watch these guys progress over the years and I think this is a testament to the kind of people they are and how hard they've worked.

    Obviously, our ability to predict future sales and earnings has not been borne out by experience so far this year, ... We need to adopt a wait-and-see approach to the rest of the year. The holiday season is always very important to us but it is really the key to a successful year this time out.

    Zach has every bit of ability on the mound. And when he's on, he's nasty.

    We believe this transaction is a validation of the brand and the global opportunities that lie ahead.

    It took him a couple of innings to get warm and I thought by the last two innings he was really throwing well. After we got down we needed him to get us going and he did that.

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