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    The animals ... that's why we're here. We come down here three or four times a year. We've been bringing Megan since she was a baby.

    To be honest, Dr. Bull's presence just helps me feel more optimistic about our school system. He has brought a new energy to the community and certainly to the staff and teachers.

    All year we've focused on rebounding. We try to really hit the boards, defend, take care of the ball and make our free throws. Every time we've done those four things, we've been pretty successful.

    There's no doubt we're going to get a lot of interest. Clearly, a lot of people are going to be paying attention to what we do.

    Just about every old tree in town is down. The town just will never look the same in our lifetime. It breaks my heart. I'm so disgusted. Just about every ancient pecan and a lot of the oaks are gone.

    Sir, our Iraqi partners have been conducting battalion and Brigade-size operations since April. They have been planning and coordinating with other Iraqi security forces, such as the Iraqi police and local government agencies, preparing for this referendum. Sir, we as coalition forces, we have taken a supporting role only as they prepare to execute this referendum.

    The steps we took this past year strengthened our financial position. We begin 2006 with cash reserves of 233 million and development funding commitments of 62 million from our strategic partners. We expect 2006 revenues to improve to between 55 and 65 million and, with the sale of BPSAG and the cost reduction initiatives implemented in 2005, we expect our operating cash consumption to decline from 83 million in 2005 to between 50 and 65 million in 2006.

    Every year, regardless of whether the timber industry is struggling or the fishing industry is struggling, one stable factor has always been this game. Economy-wise, we've been through more than our share of tough stretches, but this has always been something for the towns to rally around when times haven't been good.

    I feel more optimistic at this time than I did 12 months ago, but we've still got a lot of work to do.

    We've built a strong following over the years, making 12 straight bowl games. And we've always traveled well here we brought a lot of people to the Sugar Bowl both the other times we were here.

    Both sides worked hard for several years to find a solution that would improve the environment. We think this is a reasonable compromise for all sides.

    I think the second quarter cost us the game. They did the old cherry-picker on us. It was there, in the second quarter they beat us by eight points and they ended up winning by one.

    The last four weeks, it's been so much different. There seems to be more passion for the game on the girls' part. They've always worked hard in practice, but they seem to understand what we're trying to do. That makes me feel good for them.

    Odell is a poster boy for what our business is all about.

    I get lots of support from my wife (Wanda).

    Brett has been at (golf) for about three years and this is the first year for Brady. They like golf and they're pretty good at their age.

    We only sell beer when there are scheduled games and events. The city has one police officer on duty at the park during the entire time, and there have not been many problems in recent years.

    We put the ball in play well today.

    The garden has been set out to the original layout.

    They are just smart animals. They're hard to trick. I would rather hunt coyotes than anything else. I like the challenge of it.

    I'm pleased to see that. We had a bad game against a very good team. We learned a lesson. But if we get the chance to play them again, we know we can compete.

    The kids worked hard to bounce back after their initial shock and disappointment.

    It's just sheer luck. That's what surveys are about.

    The only game we've got is the one in front of us. We've really come together and gelled. Everyone knows their role. There are no egos -- we just play. We have a lot of talent.

    We searched for global PR agency that could deliver our message in markets around the world. We chose Text 100 because of its knowledge in the advanced technology market, relationships with the editorial and analyst communities, proven track record managing and executing global PR programs, and its strategic capabilities.

    The windows (on Main Street, U.S.A.) were Walt's way to subtly recognize the people that had helped make Disneyland a reality. The way he accomplished this was by placing the name of the person or people on a themed, designated window.

    Their pitcher had trouble finding the plate and we had timely hits there.

    We got a really unselfish performance from Alix Hughes. Sarah Moore played huge in the middle. She looked like a college player. Lindsey Wilkerson played huge for us at forward and on defense. We spotted the other team a goal early, and we had to rally the troops. It was a team effort. We also got some contributions from our younger players off the bench.

    We are thrilled to partner with TANK and happy to provide this service to their current and future customers.

    Rob was the kind of friend that defined loyalty, commitment and the essence of joy. He was willing to do whatever it took to help a friend or family member.

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