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    Yeah, I think it could have been worse, without a doubt. After the MRIs, hopefully we're going to get good news. It's going to be hard to keep both of us out of the lineup. This time of year, it's hard to keep us out.

    It's easy to say you want a bunch of young guys. But no one's going to be happy whether you're young or old if you're not winning baseball games. The guys they brought in here are proven winners. They're leaders on the field and in the clubhouse. I think that's really important when you change the dynamic so much.

    Now, we can have some swagger in these late-inning games because we have done it before. We have a reference point.

    This is really sad. You come all this way to assemble a team and Mike's such a huge part of that. To lose him for any amount of time is disheartening.

    It's a difficult injury because almost everything you do in baseball from swinging the bat to fielding to throwing involves the oblique.

    I wanted to bring energy out of the gate. After a game like yesterday, you don't want it to snowball. I think that was big for Jake.

    Regardless of what our record is, the goal is to make the playoffs. If you win 100 games and you don't get to the postseason, what good is it I guarantee you every single team that wins more games than us this year would like to be in our position.

    For them, this was a huge win. We just have to focus on the next game and take one game at a time.

    Me being the son of a Marine for 30 years, it's an even more special day for myself. My dad will be here tonight. Unfortunately, it took Sept. 11 for a good part of Americans to appreciate what the military does for us. ... Tonight's a special evening.

    We've talked about having a swagger. But when you play .350 baseball, or whatever we played, you can't tell yourself to have that swagger. You have to go out there and produce to have it. When you show you can come back and get big hits, then it shows that it's possible. I think it definitely snowballs.

    He's such a dynamic player. He makes everybody better. He's like our Magic Johnson.

    That was kind of the last thing on my mind. Kind of transformed me from a goat to a hero.

    You don't always want to wait until the ninth inning to win games, but we haven't had that. That propels us, to know we can win at any time. You don't want to go into the postseason scuffling.

    We expected to win this division, we said it from day one, and we want to go far in the playoffs. We're worried about ourselves playing better baseball because if we don't, we're not going to fare too well in the postseason.

    I was just running as hard as I could, wanting to make them make a play, and the next thing you know, the ball was in my chest and my arms. I just wanted to make a good bunt and put some pressure on them. It was bang-bang, and fortunately it got by him.

    When those guys have the lead, they smell blood. No one expected anything from us.

    We could easily have quit. This is a time when we could have easily conceded.

    We've got a veteran ballclub, and guys who are still very hungry. There's a lot of guys on this team who haven't won. This is an opportunity for us, and we don't want to let it go. There's been no panic, and guys are still banding together.

    There's such a dark cloud over this, it's disappointing. As a kid, you wondered who'd be the next guy to pass Ruth or maybe Aaron. We're talking about a great, great player in Barry Bonds, but there's that black cloud, and I just think we all wish it could go away.

    It's definitely not overrated. When you spend so much time together you have to have guys get along. You're going to have some tough times, and when guys can genuinely get along, then it makes it a lot easier to overcome some of the adversity.

    I've never seen this in baseball, let alone in the NL West.

    It's been documented more and more that what's coming from the sky is significant and problematic. It's certainly going to be gaining attention in the next couple of years.

    We're used to this. After all, it's just mud and water, easily cleaned.

    This was a very big game for us. We don't want to scoreboard watch too much, but we knew the Giants had won (in Washington). Jake is our staff ace, and he is our stopper. When he takes the mound, we expect to win baseball games.

    Early Friday the outer reaches of the system will begin to affect Texas, with the eye making landfall sometime Saturday morning. Something this large is going to pretty much cover the whole coastal region of Texas.

    If you look at the last few World Series champions, ... The Angels, and how well that team played together, and the Marlins, a bunch of young guys at that time that just enjoyed being together. That goes a long way.

    On behalf of myself, the chair, the vice chair, and the superintendent I would like to apologize to each and every one of you for the anxiety that may have been caused from the presentation given at our last School Committee meeting at the Riverdale School.

    So it is probably less important to do preventive health and find a cancer early or risk factors -- than it is to make sure the patients don't already have problems that could lead to sudden incapacitation.

    It's not necessarily that the open source software never has security incidents. It's that there are far more people to deal with incidents. In the proprietary world, you're hoping really that the code never gets out into hackers' hands. It's really security by obscurity.

    The more interesting we make this, the more I'll have to try to push the envelope. But hopefully it doesn't come to that.

    We have had several reports of children being shot by them.

    It's great to be able to run Ethereal a widely used free protocol analyzer directly on your network router. That's not something that's possible today with Cisco or Juniper products.

    The Avery School will remain a vibrant part of not only the East Dedham community, but of the town of Dedham.

    It was so bang-bang, I had no idea what happened or what caused the ball to be loose, ... All I knew was I looked down, saw the ball going through my arms and off my body and we'd won.

    We've got a good mind-set. We're relaxed. Coming into this series we were the underdogs. We've got nothing to lose, and I think that we'll go out and play like it.

    We think that by leveraging the newspaper's ability to reach 100,000 people every day, we'll really be able to direct a large portion of our main news site to this community site, thereby increasing reader participation,

    It's going to make our team better. I'm excited to have him in the lineup. There are so many dimensions he brings. We need a little spark. It's going to make us better offensively and defensively.

    You've got the best player, possibly, who's ever played this game back to a team that's been playing well. It's one of those things where you try not to get too down on yourself as an organization because we could have put them away.

    The entire committee realizes that to close any school is not an option.

    It was somewhat surreal to think that HIMSS first launched its advocacy initiative just a little over five years ago and here we are today meeting in the White House with the President's key HIT policy advisors on our members' advocacy agenda.

    We believe, ... we're the best team in baseball.

    I think last year in the World Series, they did some things that were out of character for them, as far as executing. They didn't seem like the same team as this year. They're very relaxed. You just can't really see any weaknesses in that team.

    He wants to make the tax cuts permanent that reduces income to the government while we're in war which increases expenses.. I don't know how you can have your cake and eat it to.

    I just can't recall any mistakes that they made, ... In every situation that they had an opportunity to execute, they executed. Every big play that they had to make, they made. Timely hitting. Getting the leadoff guy on. You can look up and down. They played the way they're supposed to play.

    Something needs to spark us, and I think that we'll do something tomorrow night. Whether it be a great play or a big hit, a two-out hit, something like that. We haven't had any of the above. We need to get something like that to kind of get the momentum.

    It's made a big difference in the way I feel. Injuries sometimes can't be prevented, but I feel my body is working the way it's supposed to work.

    Today was a do-or-die for them, and he pitched a great game. It's obvious that he is a big-game pitcher. So when you spot him some runs early and he has that cushion, then it makes him that much better.

    It's a great way for local business owners to interact with customers on a very personal level,

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